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We run out for a life of bread. aka The Ice Report(32 posts)

We run out for a life of bread. aka The Ice ReportMB1
Jan 27, 2003 8:38 AM
Miss M wants to go to our favorite bakery for a loaf of Pepper Cheese bread. It is really good bread and the price is right so I'm glad to go along-even though I am going to have to carry the loaf all the way home.

Now don't get the idea that I am complaining too much about having to carry a loaf of bread home. There are 3 mitigating reasons that prove I am a good sport about this;
1) Their loaves weigh at least 5 lbs. each.
2) It is 10 degrees when we start.
3) I'll be lugging the loaf the 55 hilly miles home after we do 45 hilly miles out.

First I have to get dressed. Yes, I am going to wear all these clothes.
Ice, ice baby. aka Low BridgeMB1
Jan 27, 2003 8:40 AM
We start downhill under a tunnel that takes us under the C&O canal. Notice the graffiti on the left wall.
Close up.MB1
Jan 27, 2003 8:42 AM
Normally I hate graffiti, this one is done by some Georgetown University students and is actually fairly artistic.
I've always admired you. . . but 100 miles for BREAD?cory
Jan 27, 2003 8:44 AM
Maybe if it was the last loaf in the world.
On the other hand, last time I rode 100 miles, all I got was a T-shirt...
Not a loaf of bread, a "Life" of bread!MB1
Jan 27, 2003 9:13 AM
Good bread too-but no t-shirt alas.
Potomac view.MB1
Jan 27, 2003 8:44 AM
The sun was just rising as we rode along the frozen Potomac.
My Miss M that is a lot of clothes you are wearing.MB1
Jan 27, 2003 8:48 AM
There has been snow on the ground since mid December. Now for some parts of the country that is no big deal but you have to realize we are south of the Mason-Dixon line.

To avoid overheating we like to be just a bit cold around the edges-even if that means wearing 5 long sleeve shirts, 3 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of tights, booties and hot hand heaters.

Still it was cold.
What kind of bike is Miss M riding?velocity
Jan 27, 2003 9:44 AM
The bread may be great but...! Cool pictures once again though.

Still trying to figure out what kind of set up to go with for my wife, who I hope will soon be a newbie. Miss M's winter set-up looks intriguing. What kind/size of bike is Miss M riding? And the tires? 650s? Bigger than 23s right?

26" wheel Rivendell.MB1
Jan 27, 2003 9:55 AM
26X1" Continental tires although the frame will easily handle 26X1.5 tires. The frame will also fit 650C wheels but I like the selection of rubber for 26". The other good thing about 26" wheels is how easy it is to get low gears.

The only odd thing I did for her small size is install a bar end shifter for the front derailleur. She was having problems shifting front STI with her small hands.
The Delight Bakery.MB1
Jan 27, 2003 8:50 AM
In Buckeystown MD there is this really good baker who has a catering business and a small retail operation. It was good to warm up a bit and have something to eat. We had some ice on the inside of our outer layers likely from all the climbing and the resulting downhill's in the cold conditions.
Riley’s lock.MB1
Jan 27, 2003 8:53 AM
I enjoy looking the frozen Potomac so we rode on the C&O towpath for a while. You can just make out the lock house on the far left of this shot as well as the very frozen Potomac on our right.
The Lock House.MB1
Jan 27, 2003 8:56 AM
We stopped at the lock house to get out of the wind and for a quick bite. There were all these people getting out of their cars with skates and sticks..
Thanks again MB1-more wallpaper!look271
Jan 27, 2003 8:57 AM
I went out yesterday for a ride in fairly balmy conditions by the standards as of late. 30 miles on the fixie. Started snowing 1/2 way through. Those 27x 1 1/4 IRC's work great on snowy/wet roads =)
Jan 27, 2003 8:58 AM
We just had to try it. Too bad we didn't have our studded tires but it worked out fine.
Jan 27, 2003 9:01 AM
We had ridden along the C&O canal many times. We had never actually ridden on it until now.

We just about cracked our frozen faces we were smiling so much.
Meet MB1 ICEBIKER!WrigleyRoadie
Jan 27, 2003 1:00 PM
Go Huskies! Although, that guy looks like he COULD start for our hockey team right now... gah.
re: We run out for a life of bread. aka The Ice Reportnoveread
Jan 27, 2003 9:03 AM
Hey MB1, you mentioned you use lotion for your exposed skin when it gets this cold. What lotion do you use?

Some girly-girl stuff Miss M keeps around.MB1
Jan 27, 2003 9:30 AM
Any moisturizing lotion ought to work well. It just keeps your skin from drying out and hurting so much.
Jan 27, 2003 9:04 AM
After all that adventure we pretty much just cruised home. It felt nice and warm in the sunshine and temps in the mid 20's.
Reminds Me of Home!brian n
Jan 28, 2003 12:01 PM

Great shots as usual. Keep posting, I grew up in Gaithersburg and I've ridden on some of the same roads. They bring back great memories... especially the canal shots! If you ever ride up to Sugarloaf anytime soon please post some pictures! I love that final climb and the view...

thanks again,
Ice Falls.MB1
Jan 27, 2003 9:07 AM
I think it was Brook who had mentioned several times enjoying Great Falls so we stopped by on the way home to take a few shots. The water was rushing by so fast that it made Miss M dizzy. She couldn't watch it for long.

It was amazing to see and the ice formations were great.
Yep. Really cool in winter with high flows and ice. nmBrooks
Jan 28, 2003 5:02 PM
Well it was worth it.MB1
Jan 27, 2003 9:10 AM
Miss M had a chicken soup cooking all day in a crock-pot. The bread was great with the soup.

O.K. it was worth it. Oh yea, the riding was good too.
That's it?noveread
Jan 27, 2003 9:24 AM
I know Miss M is a little lady, but tell me she eats more than that after a 100+mi ride in freezing temps!

Ha ha ha ha......african
Jan 27, 2003 9:26 AM
Great story, but look at the big bowl and the little bowl. You seriously rode on ice?

Do you mail order the soup?
Jan 27, 2003 9:36 AM
Miss M eats so little it still amazes me after all this time. Of course the big bowl of ice cream after dinner helps.

Yes we rode on ice. It was great after we got over thinking we were going to crash through the ice.

Home made soup from scratch-Miss M is a really good cook.
Your posts.macalu
Jan 28, 2003 6:03 AM
I really enjoy your posts. Also, got to hand it to you riding in this weather. I too live in Metro DC, but have not been riding much the last couple of weeks. Three hours last Sunday when it hit 40 degrees.
first smile of the day from this side of my keyboard. thanks. nmJS Haiku Shop
Jan 27, 2003 10:30 AM
if I rode 50 miles for a loaf of bread ...tarwheel
Jan 27, 2003 10:48 AM
I would have to eat the bread before the ride back home.
MB1, you da mannLeroy
Jan 27, 2003 11:38 AM
You should produce coffee table photo books. That was great.
Please tell me about the Rivendell, how does it work out, ok? do you ride one, too?
Miss M's RivendellMB1
Jan 27, 2003 1:30 PM
Miss M is pretty small (she rides a 48 or 49cm frame). I didn't like the way her Trek and Merlin fit so I gought her a Rivendell (you should see the funky head tube arrangements on the Trek and Merlin). Her Rivendell is actually a 50cm-Grant from Rivendell assured me it would fit and it does.

The only thing custom about the frame is it's size otherwise it is just what Rivendell likes to sell. Miss M likes to complain about how long it took to get the frame (it was over a year) but I understand they are much quicker now.

I can't imagine a better all round bike for a nonracer. It has lots of clearence for big tires and fenders, a nice stable ride and is quite light for steel. Rivendell does not like to make light frames but the bike is small and the 753 tubing they used is about as light as tubing gets so we ended up with a very light bicycle.

I don't feel like I need a Rivendell since stock sizes fit me fine and I am death on frames. If things go right I will soon ride a Ramboulet from Rivendell and that is all the bike I need.
MB1, what gloves do you wear?5ive
Jan 27, 2003 7:51 PM
MB1, oh my dear ice lord! First, thanks for your wonderful pictorial contricutions to this forum. I know you and Miss M. are uniquely qualified to answer this question? What gloves do you wear when you are riding in conditions depicted in your photos? I would really appreciate it if you can be as specific as you can about the brands, models, and how you layer them, etc. Thanx.