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Frame purchase assistance(1 post)

Frame purchase assistancenucleon_d
Jan 25, 2003 10:33 AM
After a few months of researching a new steel road frameset, I have managed to compile a short list of possible candidates. I have researched the posts and reviews on this website for each manufacturer, and they have been a tremendous asset. In talking with a very reputable bike shop regarding my possible purchases -one of which they carry- I was given some very negative feedback on one of my other options - Steelman. I have not come across any negative reviews or posts on Steelman in my research - other than some trivial items which were remedied. I'm not entirely certain what this persons issue with a Steelman frame might be and my repeated efforts of inquiry were thwarted in the name of 'professional behavior'. While I can fully appreciate this stance, it has me wondering if this is just one man's opinion? It is too easy to assume that these comments are merely an effort to get my business, but I don't believe that this is the motivation for the comments in this situation. I got a very strong impression that it goes beyond that. But to what degree, I am uncertain. Are there issues with the framesets? the geometries? the builder? the materials used? the process? All questions were left open and unanswered.
Can anyone assuage any doubts that have been now been cast? I am just trying to be a very well informed consumer.