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Any thoughts on GVH mail order shop?(22 posts)

Any thoughts on GVH mail order shop?Janette
Jan 25, 2003 5:02 AM
Does he send frames overseas?
Have ordered several bikes from him . . .Look381i
Jan 25, 2003 5:49 AM
for me and my friends. Very pleased with value and quality of builds.

Gary responds to emails promptly. Send him your questions.

He's been in this business for many years.
re: just ordered a frame on Monday...Akirasho
Jan 25, 2003 6:05 AM
... I talked with Gary on Monday and hope my frame will arrive today (crossed fingers)...

His site does not specifically mention international shipping but he ships via FedEx so it's possible (customs would be the concern).

Ditto on calls and emails (take note, he's on Pacific Standard time for North America).

I was a bit surprised to find out that Gary lived not too far from my current locale before moving to the Northwest... indeed, we spent half our phone conversation chewing the fat over the town of days gone by.

Be the bike.
Hey Akirasho are you talking about Mass ?PatM
Jan 25, 2003 6:17 AM
I think I had the same conversation with him when I bought my first bike - a bit of a change of profession - Huh ?

Are you living in Mass now ?
O H I OAkirasho
Jan 25, 2003 6:18 AM
... guess Gary must get around!

Be the bike.
Eexcellent - nothing but good things to sayPatM
Jan 25, 2003 6:11 AM
I have bought a full bike and a separate frame from him, both cases no problems. Excellent to talk to knows his stuff, give him a call or send him a email - he responded to emails even when he was on vacation.
GVH is the bestLeroy
Jan 25, 2003 6:45 AM
I bought my new favorite bike from gary. I'll probably get another one from him of these days.
I got a dud from himishmael
Jan 25, 2003 7:12 AM
chainstay wasnt pinched so chain rubbed in biggest gear. seatbider bolt came with washer that chipped paint. Without washer it wasn't able to tighten enough. Tires were defective and didn't fit wheels, I could look look between tire and rim. Could've killed me on my first downhill, but luckily blew out later that day
Bad news. Did you invoke the satisfaction guarantee ?Look381i
Jan 25, 2003 9:08 AM
"You get more than just selection and value when you buy GVH Bikes; you also get my guarantee you will be 100% satisfied. Upon receipt of your purchase inspect it very carefully. If it isn't exactly as you visualized or everything you expected just ship it questions asked! I will promptly return your merchandise purchase price. If a problem occurs with any bicycle or component after it is used contact me at once; each problem will be rectified on a case-by-case basis. Buyer satisfaction is my most important goal."
You cant find alot on him in the archivesishmael
Jan 25, 2003 3:00 PM
If it's not erased yet, and there are a couple others who also weren't too happy. I'll tell it again though.

Bike came, looked great, I didn't think to pull the tires off and see just how loose they were on the rims. 30 minutes later one blew out, I fixed it, blew out again. then I showed the tires to the bike store I got the tubes from. they said they were definately too big, defective. Gary took them back and replaced them. Days later I found that when in the largest gear it rubbed the frame, gary said if I got another casette it would be tighter and wouldnt rub. Offered to exchange my casette for another. It was then that I found out mine was chorus instead of record, as I thought I had purchased. New casette came, didn't help, dont understand what he was thinking. He said if I got the frame pinched he'd pay. I never did. I didn't want to say take it back because I wanted to like it, and he didn't offer either. I'm not sure if the time limit on the refund was up, it wasn't mentioned by either of us...then there was the washer under the seatbinder bolt that chipped the paint. I took it off and the binder wouldnt hold anymore.. I think he knew what he was doing, he put it together.
Sorry to hear that - Wouldn't the chainstay problem...PdxMark
Jan 25, 2003 9:50 AM
be a frame defect? I think Gary would offer to stand behind it (I hope he did), but I'm curious about the frame. Who made it - what brand was it? Are all chainstays pinched now? I think I need to look at a few chainstays now. Interesting defect.

The tire/wheel thing IS scarey.
ishmael knows everything! He worked in an LBS for a whole day!davet
Jan 25, 2003 11:56 AM
Actually ishmael's post sounds either like sour grapes, a troll or he really does know nothing and is not competent to check out his own personal bike. As someone else posted, ishmael, yer a putz!
who's the troll, putz nmishmael
Jan 25, 2003 3:01 PM
I've bought two bikes from him and had the group on the first...PdxMark
Jan 25, 2003 9:52 AM
switched to the second. One bike was a Cannondale CAAD 5 the other a custom Landshark. Gary was great to work with in both cases.
Is GVH an extension of a bricks and mortar bike shop?Fez
Jan 25, 2003 10:11 AM
I read somewhere that he has access to almost all the inventory of a large bricks-and-mortar bike shop.

I wondered where he gets all of these bikes, because he has lots of Cannondale framesets that have the model number R800 or R1000 on them, so they appear to be complete bikes stripped of the OEM components.

He also offers Landsharks, which I thought were LBS-only (no mail order) bikes.
Good and bad...Lon Norder
Jan 25, 2003 2:14 PM
I bought a KHS Aero Comp from GVH at a very good price. I've been happy with the bike. Three complaints though: 1)the frame had a 1" x 1/4" chip in paint that was covered up by a warning sticker. It might have been done at the factory and GVH didn't know about it. I just painted over it with touch up paint. 2) Bad wheel build on the rear wheel. 5 or 6 spokes would detension every ride for maybe the first 15 rides. I true my own wheels so it wasn't a big deal. Now they're fine. 3) Very cheap rim strips. I had multiple flats my first ride because the rim strips didn't even cover many of the spoke nipple holes. No problems after replacing the stips with good rim tape.
I just bought a Pinarello..David Ho
Jan 25, 2003 7:50 PM
and I love it.It came expertly wrapped, in perfect shape, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another bike from him.It got from Oregon to Atlanta in 1 week.His prices on components are real good also.

Gary ships his bikes overseas.rengaracchi
Jan 26, 2003 1:09 AM
I bought a Landshark from him, and it arrived in perfect condition. I live in Japan.
Jan 26, 2003 6:19 AM
when you can get a factory built bike like a Fuji Team for $1100
or several other Ulterga bikes for $1000 to $1200 --
All with warranties
getting a 'custon' does not make a lot of sense
It makes sense if you want a particular frame he stocks . . .Look381i
Jan 26, 2003 7:48 AM
and want to spec your own build. If that makes little difference to you, then there are better prices out there.
on my third bike from him now. highly recommended! nmJS Haiku Shop
Jan 27, 2003 5:58 AM
another happy GVH customer.outofthesaddle
Jan 27, 2003 8:23 AM
Bought a frame he didn't stock and had it shipped to him. He built up with semi custom component spec. Great price and really happy with the bike.