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Cannondale going bankrupt? Has anyone heard this, is it tru(5 posts)

Cannondale going bankrupt? Has anyone heard this, is it trujoe1265
Jan 24, 2003 9:15 PM
as reported at
Ummm... the article didn't say thatjtolleson
Jan 24, 2003 10:05 PM
it did say what has been repeated for several weeks (or longer) ... that the company is posting large losses, making some layoffs, and in particular evaluating its motorsports division. Cannondale's demise may be like the death of Mark Twain... prematurely and inaccurately reported (indeed, "greatly exaggerated.")

Others more knowledgable than I can probably speak to the most likely scenarios, but the article you cited as announcing bankruptcy is at the following link
Jan 24, 2003 10:28 PM
the article didnt indicate that they had filed but the tone certainly is one of impending doom. as a longtime fan of cannondale, I hope that montgomery can figure something out. maybe close a few of his sons "wrap" restaurants if they havent failed already...c-dale is nothing if not versatile though, I believe they started out making bags and have gradually morphed themselves into a cycling and then motorsports co. In hindsight obviously the addition of throttles may be a significant hinderance to their future but I do hope they find a way to go on independantly of other ownership. I worked at one of the larger cannondale shops in the US for a few years and found them to be the best of the brands we carried to deal with in terms of warranties and general interaction. It sucked when gt/schwinn died but this would be like if the technology industry were to lose apple IMHO.
I like your thoughts...jtferraro
Jan 25, 2003 5:46 AM
I am also a longtime fan of Cannondale. I remember becoming aware of them back in '92, w/mtb's. I then purchased my first/only mtb in '94 and still ride it! Yup, they started out making cycling bags & clothing then morphed into making bikes and now, (unfortunately?), motor-bikes. I definitely hope they find a way to go on INDEPENDENTLY of other ownership, too! I like your analogy to Apple Computer, too.

I recently took a grad class called "Managing Technical Projects", in which I did my classs project/presentation on C'dale. Specifically, I recommended they consider producing carbon fiber bikes. My project was named Cannondale "CFFFP" - Carbon Fiber Frame Feasibility Project. I guess my project was a hit since I ended up w/an "A" in the class.

re: Cannondale going bankrupt? Has anyone heard this, is it trugeeker
Jan 25, 2003 6:37 AM
A Chapter 11 filing looks like only a matter of time. I have no idea about the future of the bicycle business, but with the sales volume cited in the article, I expect the bike division to continue in some form.

Anecdotal evidence: the article mentions apparel manufacturing shutting down. An awful lot of discounted Cannondale cycling clothing has been offered by Sierra Trading Post (liquidators) and Nashbar (discounters). This *suggests* that the apparel division is down for the count.