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Bike shops in London or Paris(7 posts)

Bike shops in London or Parisfzrrider
Jan 24, 2003 2:01 PM
I'm going to England and France later this year. Does anyone know of any "must see" bicycle shops in either London or France?
Paging PhillippePaulCL
Jan 24, 2003 2:37 PM
If you post this question on the Velonews board, Phillipe will answer. He lives in France.

I was in Paris about two years ago. I went to Laurant bike shop. I have no clue where it was located. I do remember walking there from our hotel which was a block from the Lourve. When I was in Paris, the exchange rate was so much in our favor that I bought jersies for around $10-15. Still, my favorite jersey is the Laurant Team jersey. I wish I had bought several.

The shop is small, dirty, crammed with bikes. They sold MBK, Pinarelloes, Colnago, and some other brands I didn't recognize. It was worth the walk to me just to buy the jersey. paul
This really sucked!RickC5
Jan 24, 2003 2:59 PM
Last April we went to London. We were in a bus filled with other Yank tourists being dropped off at our respective hotels (my wife and I were LAST off the bus. Argggh!). The bus stopped in a big traffic jam, and there, across the street, was a marvelous looking bike shop. It was splendid! Filled with tons of goodies (I'm sure) and with a Plum Crazy Klein Quantum Pro road bike in the front window. I was ready to abandon the bus. My wife convinced me otherwise. I then used the London yellow pages in our hotel room in an attempt to find this shop, as it seemed like it wasn't far from the hotel, like a mile or so. After poring over the yellow pages and our London maps, I was convinced I had located it and dragged my poor wife to the shop the next day. But, wrong shop! I never located the one I saw from the bus, and the wife convinced me that looking for a phantom bike shop was not what we should be doing in London (she was right). The shop we did find was really not a good shop. It seemed to be full of commuting equipment (fenders, lights, rain gear, etc.) and few nice bikes. Drat!

I hope you have better luck than I did. BTW- There must be at least a hundred bike shops in the greater London area (according to the phone book). That damn bus drove past several others, but at such a speed that I had no idea if they were great shops or not. Have fun!

Don't forget to check out the bikes the Londoners commute on. They are universally one color, kind of a grey brown from all the road crud. I never saw a clean one.
re: Bike shops in London or Parisheldveld
Jan 24, 2003 8:48 PM
I was in London and Paris a couple of months ago. Condor Cycles in London is a great shop. See their website for address. Lots of clothing and accessories as well as some nice frames including thier own house brand. Good prices too. Thier sale rack had some great items. I bought bib tights, fleece lined LS Castelli jersey, Condor cycling hat as a souvenier and they threw in a water bottle. All about $115. The jersey goes for more than that in the US.
I visited Cycles Laurant in Paris. If you have free time head there but, don't go out of your way. Paris has better things to see (not that London doesn't have better things than a bike shop). They have alot of pro team cloths from a few years ago for cheap but not a lot of bikes and parts. They have a web site you can check out as well.
Enjoy your trip. Both London and Paris have easy to us subways so getting there is not a problem!
re: Bike shops in London or Parisbarnaby
Jan 24, 2003 10:50 PM
Of course it depends on what you're after, a new bike or odds and ends (clothing etc). The following is for London only. Agree with another poster that there are too many other things to do in Paris - including actually riding there, which is pretty good for a big city.
Agree that Condor cycles on Grays Inn road is worth a look ( I think Chancery Lane is the closest station). Can even build a custom frame for you if you're willing to wait the 6-8 weeks for it to arrive. The chain store, Evans Cycles, had a small store on the same road within walking distance last time I was there (Aug 02). NB: larger Evans Cycles store over the road from Waterloo station (MTB) and another one (road mainly) up the road and around the corner approx 500 metres. These are at least easy to find although the range isn't going to wow you. Another easy one to find is Bikepark near Covent Gardens, however this is a small store with limited range. Carry Eddy Merckx though, so may be worth ducking off while partner/spouse/tour group wanders around Covent Gardens.
If you're after a bike then can't recommend Geoffrey Butlers in Crydon enough. Bit of trip south of the city proper (past Wimbeldon) but have a pretty good range and very helpful staff. Good range of Italian frames and bikes. Do not use their web page as a guide here though, many more frames/bikes in the store. Good range of pro clothing and are usually runnning some sort of sale most times.
re: Bike shops in London or ParisRob Sal
Jan 25, 2003 3:05 AM
As already mentioned, the best shop in central London is Condor.
Bikepark is one I found (eventually) only recently, as mentioned it has small stock but sells Serotta!

The best bike shop near London is Sigma Sport at Hampton Wick (just over the bridge at Kingston upon Thames) very nice, great stock!
re: Bike shops in London or ParisBibendum
Jan 26, 2003 1:21 PM
There was a little cycle shop on the road opposite the Champs-Elysees, behind Arc de Triomphe. On the left of the road. It was a real museum of a shop. They had every pro european outfit you could wish for, old and new. I don't think they sell bikes though. It was a few years ago when I found it so I'm not sure it exists but it's worth a look as it's bang in the centre of Paris.