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Kurt Kinetic owners....(3 posts)

Kurt Kinetic owners....SS_MB-7
Jan 24, 2003 12:11 PM
I just received my new Kinetic (road) trainer and I have a couple questions for you.

1 - With the resistance unit screwed into the frame with the supplied long carriage mounting bolt and nut, there still appears to be some play in the resistance unit within the mounting bracket. That is, the mounting bracket appears to be several millimeters too wide on either side of the resistance unit. Upon tightening the nut, the right side of the bracket is bending in towards the left. I'm worried about over-tightening the nut. The play is not removed once the roller is pressed up against the tire (2 turns)

Should there have been some supplied washers to compensate for the bracket's width vs the resistance unit's width?

2 - How tight should the axles be tightened? With the axles tightened fairly high, I still seem to be getting a little play in the right QR-side. That is, I can move the right knob which moves the axle and allows the bike's frame to move. I'm concerned about over-tightening the axles. With the wheel approximately centered on the roller, the left side axle is nearly threaded all the way into the frame with very little room left for the left side lockring.

I'm using a Campy Record rear skewer. However, I've removed the non-quick-release nut and replaced it with a Shimano since the Campy's handle limited tightening. I can also move the bike slightly in the trainer by moving the saddle left/right. What skewers do you recommend with the Kinetic?

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
re: Kurt Kinetic owners....lorenmb
Jan 24, 2003 10:18 PM
1. Mine as some play in it, too. It has never been a problem. It runs smooth and quiet.

2. I tighten mine until there is no play. The shaft extension is less on the left side but not as much less as you describe. I am using an Ultegra skewer. I didn't like the way the clamp fit, so I took my Dremel tool and modified it a bit. It clamps down nicely now. Picture is attached.

The manufacturer responded quickly to my request for information. Unfortunately, they weren't any help in identifying a good skewer. Since my Ultegra didn't fit very well, I assumed that they might have designed it for a Campy. Apparently not.
re: Kurt Kinetic owners....j-son
Jan 25, 2003 5:26 AM
I've had a Kurt Kinetic for a few months, and my wife and I have ridden probably close to 1000 miles on it between the two of us.

To answer your questions:
1) My trainer had a small amount of play at the resistancec unit, nothing I considered significant or worrisome. With everything tightened down, it disappeared and all fits nice and snug. The lock ring on mine is also threaded nearly all the way into the frame/base of the trainer, with the wheel visually centered on the trainer's roller.

2) No good answer here. I think you have to go by feel. I crank mine down pretty tight ... basically, I screw it down until I can't comfortably turn the knob with one hand anymore. This seems to be tight enough as the bikes don't rock laterally (that much, at least) and there's no audible creaking. My bike has Dura Ace skewers; and my wife's has Ultegra. Both seem to work fine, although I wouldn't call it a perfect fit. I thought about using an old pair of XT mtn bike skewers, but haven't got around to switching them. Both skewers are marred and scarred a little from being clamped down, but it's only cosmetic. There is no damage to the functional component of the skewer.