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Lemond Customer Service...(4 posts)

Lemond Customer Service...Wise
Jan 24, 2003 9:24 AM
gets two thumbs up. I emailed them yesterday if replacement fork decals were available for one of their older models, and they responded right away, told me they were free, and have already mailed them out to me this morning.

I know I know, not a big thing, but I was a good deal impressed.

Glad to hear it. Unfortunately, not the experience I had.Ken of Fresno
Jan 24, 2003 12:52 PM
I contacted them about a year ago trying to get a Reynolds sticker that had been applied crooked on the chainstay. Since it wasn't clear coated I peeled it off to straighten it, but it kept wanting to peel off after that. My first 3 emails were unreplied to. I called twice with no luck. The guy on the phone seemed apathetic at best. After another call and another email I fianlly got my sticker. Several weeks just to get a sticker. Made me loose some of my zeal for my Zurich. Hopefull, as you report, they have changed their ways.

Thanks for the update,
Glad to hear it. Unfortunately, not the experience I had.mainframe
Jan 24, 2003 1:41 PM
My experience in response to e-mails over the last two years was fair at best.
My story....Lone Gunman
Jan 25, 2003 5:31 AM
My '99 Zurich (white/red panels) started peeling paint after 1.5 years. I had to touch it up every 6 months or so. Each time a larger chunk of paint would peel from the BB area and the cable stays on the tt rusted (inside where the housing rests, no chance of drying off unless I removed the housing from stay after each ride) Called Trek, "Sorry out of warranty." "Well can I get it repainted?" "Sure take it all apart and we will get it painted in a month or so." "Forget it, can I get a set of decals and get it powder coated and painted locally?" "You have to get decals through your shop." "We don't recommend powdercoating an 853 steel frame, it will void your warranty on the frame."???????

At that point, I have cut my ties with Trek. I did obtain a set of decals from my LBS for $30, I had the frame powdercoated cola red and with the fork and part of the frame sprayed viper yellow paint with black panel decals that do not match the model of the bike, but it is a smashing scheme and I have never seen another like it out on the road yet. The bike rides as good as I could have ever hoped but my dealings with Trek are history.