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Anyone own (owned) a Serotta Fierte?(2 posts)

Anyone own (owned) a Serotta Fierte?eyebob
Jan 23, 2003 2:41 PM
Any impressions? Serotta has a fabulous reputation and the chance to get a Fierte frame/fork for $1000 is appealing. For a "stock" frame it's high qulity, light, steel, and made in a quasi-compact design. I like that they've raised/elongated the head-tube in relation to the seat tube to give a more upright riding position. Better for climbing in the drops too!

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Buy it!!!crosscut
Jan 23, 2003 8:21 PM
One of my best riding buddies just got one recently. He has two Waterford 2200s as his main rides. Though he has only about 500 miles on the Fierte, he says he likes it better than his 2200s. He claims it is more responsive, and rides just as comfortably in the usual 40-80 mile rides we do. I have to admit, it is one smart bike. My buddy is a lot smaller than me, otherwise I would take it for a spin - but it wouldn't be a fair judgement since his bike is tiny compared to my large frames. If I were in the market for a new bike, it would be highly considered. A good value too. Just do it!