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getting out of cat 4(15 posts)

getting out of cat 4Shihtzu on EPO
Jan 23, 2003 11:47 AM
how long will it take me to get out of cat4. i started biking last year in april (im only 23 now). i got my ass kicked all year at road racing on a 15 year old 24 lb bike. (but was winning sport class at mtb races on a new bike)I trained hard all winter and got me a new SPECIALIZED ALLEZ COMP. How many more years will it take me to make it to elite level (cat2).

All aitor gonzalez folks
Jan 23, 2003 12:04 PM
An Allez Comp will get you podium places on the IV's, but you'll need at least a Merckx scandium to move up any further. A slow economy could make this purchase hard, delaying your TDF selection.
getting into cat 3 thenShihtzu on EPO
Jan 23, 2003 12:25 PM
shizzle nizzle
where i'm from there is no cat 3 or 5 because there aren't enough riders. So i guess i'm lookin for info on how long it'll take me to get to cat 3 then.
cat 4 here is similar to expert level at mtb races.
NZ? nmKristin
Jan 23, 2003 12:32 PM
Jan 23, 2003 1:11 PM
No. In NZ roadies are classified as A,B,C,..."Grade" (not "Cat" 1,2,3...).
Where are you from?53T
Jan 23, 2003 6:15 PM
and why do you live there? In New England a race will cap the 5s at 50 and still draw 90, so they run two 5 fields.

As far as no cat 3, well that's just silly. What class do your full-of-themselves euro wanna-be's ride in?
Where are you from?Shihtzu on EPO
Jan 24, 2003 8:15 AM
I'm from winnipeg, Canada.
(8hr Drive north of Minneapolis)
and no we don't live in igloo's

the fast guys ride cat 1/2
the normal guys ride cat 4/5

We only have 2 classes and we're lucky to get a total of 20 guys out to a race.
points and race frequencyMike-Wisc
Jan 24, 2003 8:45 AM
How often do you have races up there? Our racing down here doesn't really start until April, track doesn't really get started until June or so. You might be able to attack the upgrade from a point/frequency basis. You'd probably be well advised to try and plan at least one trip out of your region to see how you fare with larger races.

Does your local race agency comply with the USCF rules, or is there a different Canadian controlling body? (Sorry for not knowing more about Canada race factions.)

I think in the other reply to someone else I posted the upgrade rules/parameters. With few racers in your groups you should be able to accumulate points fairly easy if you place well. Looks like larger races award points all the way back to 15th, plus points for just racing.

You're region somewhat constricts you, and if you're serious about going for the gold (so to speak) you might actually consider relocating to a larger race region at least for the racing season to gain you better mass start opportunity and more team exposure. As an "outsider" you might be able to tag onto a local team if they are weak in their early season, but you'll probably have to be around for a few races before they can gauge you and what you can offer.
ps, jumping past cat3Mike-Wisc
Jan 24, 2003 8:55 AM
I don't know how you will jump past the cat3 if your local races don't have a cat3 race. Perhaps you could have your local race organizers offer a cat3 sub-group in one of the other 1-2 or 4-5 groupings as a points-only for cat3 participants. That way if you're the only one in cat3 you win! I think your question will have to be taken up with your local race governing bodies and representatives.
re: getting out of cat 4Sadlebred
Jan 23, 2003 12:28 PM
To get out of Cat. 4, you need at least 10 starts as a Cat. 5. See the rulebook at or talk to one of your local officials.
So how you get of of Cat 5? nmeschelon
Jan 23, 2003 12:58 PM
Jan 23, 2003 1:35 PM


The Executive Director, per Bylaw 8.5.2 handles all Upgrades.

General Information: Send all upgrade requests to your Administrator or the USA Cycling office. You must
follow the guidelines printed below. An upgrade request consists of the following: (a) a letter requesting an upgrade, which includes a resume of your racing experience or a record of the previous 12 month's placings and (b) a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

USCF License: Your current category will be printed on the license. If an upgrade is approved, an upgrade
sticker will be returned to you. Upgrades to category 1 require license reissue ($15 fee). Downgrades to 5
are not allowed.

Requirements and Notes by Category:
5-4: Experience in 10 mass start races.
4-3: Need 20 points in any 12-month period; or experience
in 25 qualifying races with a minimum of 10 top-10
finishes. 30 points in 12 months is an automatic
3 - 2: Need 25 points in any 12-month period. 60 points in
12 months is an automatic upgrade
2 - 1: Need 30 points in any 12-month period. 60 points in
12 months is an automatic upgrade

There's more, but it gets hard to cut and paste it in. Basically, go racing, do well.
Review, analyze, revise, grow, attackMike-Wisc
Jan 23, 2003 12:35 PM
Why do you think you lost last year, what were your weaknesses? If you don't know this then no bike will help you win.

Where do you need to make improvements? If you don't know this then training will not help you as much as it could.

Do you have a copy of Friels Training Bible, a copy of Edward Borysewicz's book on Bicycle Road Racing (out of date but still in publication for good reason), are you currently a member of a team that you can get training in team tactics and race tactics from?

You've only been racing for a year (or did you mean bicycle riding for a year?). Some things take time to learn and grow into. Forget how long it will take to break out of cat4 and focus more on how to win in cat4. Each jump or step will come with skill and experience if you do your part and if you have what it takes.
Review, analyze, revise, grow, attackwasabekid
Jan 23, 2003 1:01 PM
Great job!!!

Just to add:
It takes approx. 4-6 yrs (with a STRUCTURED training, from a reasonably raw talent) to make a very reasonable assessment whether you are one of the 'diamond in the rough'.

Good luck.

re: getting out of cat 4MR_GRUMPY
Jan 23, 2003 1:24 PM
There are two ways to get out of Cat 4
#1 Be born with great genes.
#2 Work your "you know what" off.
Keep on saying to yourself " It's the legs, baby "
To be honest, If you haven't made it to Cat.3 in a year, the chances of you going any higher than a 3 is slim.
If you don't have the "stuff" to make it to Cat 2, So what! Just race and have fun.