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what happened to 650c wheels?(5 posts)

what happened to 650c wheels?JS Haiku Shop
Jan 23, 2003 5:42 AM
my bud rode the 6-gap on a 650-wheeled frame (a 56cm paramount). the only others i see these days are under triathletes or on my tapes from early 90s grand tours. has a few 650c-wheeled frames, some larger than 58cm. what's the deal with 650c evidently "falling out of favor" in the last few years?


re: what happened to 650c wheels?Mike-Wisc
Jan 23, 2003 5:59 AM
If it wasn't for triathlons the 650c would be stored with the 27" tires and wheels. Sort of become a specialty size. Mass market determines local stock. Shoot, the only tires my new LBS carries are Bontrager and nothing else, but "he can order me some". High volume, low thought, seems to rule the majority of the industry today. (And here's where I get off track and head into a rant about local distributors taking product from a high quality service/customer oriented shop and gives it to a higher volume shop that won't end up selling more and in fact will probably sell less due to that other shops propensity to push three of their other already carried brands whereby the smaller better shop looses and the customer for the product looses and the manufacturer looses and the distributor gets a free dinner and a hot cup of coffee on his weekly visit. Oops, almost slipped into the rant there anyways, bye.)
tri and small bikescyclopathic
Jan 23, 2003 8:30 AM
thanks god some mfg still use 650c wheels on sub-50cm frames. Can't imagine what would it be like for 4'10" girl to ride 700c wheels.
Agree 100% with assesment.
re: what happened to 650c wheels?Akirasho
Jan 23, 2003 6:10 AM
... it seems since the advent and rise of the 700C for road bikes, 650C found it's greatest favors amongst triathletes... with the rationale of quicker accelleration, lower overall weight, more aerodynamic and stronger wheel (shorter spokes).

Then, about 3 years ago, 700C regained some favor perhaps due to lack of the same selections for 650C.

Now, it seems as though we've met middle ground whereby wheelsize is more framesize dependent... which makes sense. You'll even find both wheel sizes used on some frame designs (Terry comes to mind) though that's not UCI legal (but works from a consumer POV).

There's still far less a selection for 650C... especially for lower priced boutique wheels, but it seems to be improving slightly.

FWIW, I've got a large GT Vengeance which equates to about a 60cm... with 650C wheels. This frame was an outgrowth of the '96 Olympics Superbike program when the abovementioned accelleration, aerodynamics and strength were probably in mind. Feels similar to my 60cm P2K to me... (good info when the site's back up)

Be the bike.
49c frame/650wheelmiko
Jan 23, 2003 11:46 AM
I ride a 49c frame with 650c wheels. This allows me to run a shorter top tube , a more normal length stem (100mm) and have no toe/front wheel overlap. Way better fit than on 700c