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Any interesting cycling injuries?(2 posts)

Any interesting cycling injuries?StevieP
Jan 23, 2003 12:27 AM
I was interested to know if anyone had any bizarre cycling injuries.

I have one that wasn't funny at the time but I can now look back on & think 'that was stupid - don't do it again'.

Please try & picture this. When I was nine years old (1980!), for some strange reason I used to rest my 5 speed Raleigh Arena racing bike upside down (the bars & saddle on the ground with bottom bracked shell facing the sky). I then used to put it in top gear (probably a 42T/12T combo), grab hold of the drive side pedal and proceed to turn the cranks.

I would continue spin the cranks until it was spinning at the fastest speed my hand could take. Believe me, the wheel and cranks would be spinning fast. Estimate 25-30 mph equivalent.

Whilst I was playing this strange game one day, my hand slipped off the pedal and my middle finger on my right hand went in between the chain ring & the chain whilst it was spinning at its maximum speed. The tip of my finger (just below the nail - at the furst joint) was wedged between the chainset & the chain, went round one complete revolution and then came out. It all happened in one cplit second due to the peed at which the cranks were turning.

If you are picturing this right, I suspect that you think this is grim! At the time it was! I didn't feel anything as it severed the nerves in my finger. The tip of my finger was hanging off by the smallest piece of skin.

I was rushed to hospital where the doctor miraculously saved the tip of the finger. I had 20+ stitches.

Now, the finger is fine. It has a double nail and is slightly shorter than the equivalent finger on my other hand. It looks a little lumpy and odd but performs as well as any of my other fingers. In fact I often forget that I even have a 'funny' finger. I am eternally grateful to the doctor for saving it.

Sorry if I have spoilt your breakfast and oyu think that I didn't need to share this with you! Have you got any similar stories?

Yes...terrible Chip storyInhighgear
Jan 23, 2003 11:33 AM
Our paceline came up behind a city road crew cutting limbs and throwing the limbs into a very large wood chipper that they pulled behind a very large crew trunk.

Somehow the last guy in the paceline, I won't mention his real name but call him "Chip", didn't see the line pull out or the calls of "chipper right". He hit the chipper square and head on. His momentum carried him head first into the chipper which was running full bore and making an awful racket as well.

Anyway, he tried to hang on but that chipper is made to pull whatever is thrown into through without someone having to push due to the risk of injury. Chip's ponytail was sucked in first then slowly the rest of him. There was basically nothing we could do but watch. At first it looked like it was causing him a great deal of discomfort but that seemed to subside. I must say, Chip was throughly chipped.

Anyway, his bike was fine. We gathered up as much as we could of him and split his remains among our empty water bottles, Thank goodness it was near the end of a long ride, and took him home I think it really upset some of the riders. We spread his chips at our favorite cycle club midway stopping point.