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Foot Pumps? (Re-Design)(3 posts)

Foot Pumps? (Re-Design)Orion9282
Jan 22, 2003 11:17 PM
First, thank you all for responding to my first posting about the bike pump redesign question, it's helped a ton with my research.

Secondly, I was curious as to why the foot operated pumps aren't widely distributed or used? Or are they? At the bike shops I went to, not one had a foot pump. Is there a reason? Pressure output? Simply not good?

Thank you again!
substandard design?rockbender
Jan 23, 2003 4:06 AM
All the foot pumps I have seen were of a pretty substandard design and had a frame that failed way too eary in its life.

Idea for your pump: would it be possible to build a pump that required a given amount of force for the entire pressure range? In other words, the pump would produce high volume/low pressure when first inflating and linearly change to a low volume/high pressure as the tire becomes inflated while keeping the force exerted by the user a constant?

by the way, the other ideal pump that doesn't need much improvement is called an 'air compressor' : )
high volume/low pressure low volume/hogh pressure etccyclopathic
Jan 23, 2003 11:47 AM
there're pumps like this Crank Bros, X-fusion etc with 2 shafts/pistons and switch. X-fusion is branded as MTB back up shock pump with pressure up to 300psi.

Unfortunately it is still long affair to pump up road tire. Doesn't matter if you have 10 or 100psi you need to put the same amount of air to rise pressure by 15psi. High volume is good only to ~45-50psi, and it takes forever to put another 60. You're only saving half of the half time. :-(