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A Royal Pain in the Knee(6 posts)

A Royal Pain in the Kneeteam_sheepshead
Jan 22, 2003 10:19 AM
Anyone have advice or stories about knee pain? I assume I have tendinitis. I recently switched from SPDs to Look for the first time. I guess my left cleat was not aligned properly b/c after about 20 miles my left knee started complaining. Sharp pain above and below the patella. The next day my knee felt like it was in a vice.

Went back to my LBS and the owner spent 90 minutes lining me up. He says my left foot sticks out at an angle, so he readjusted the cleat. That was four days ago, the last time I was on the bike, and my left knee and ankle are still aching. I am trying ice 3X a day and self-massage. Of course the 5-degree weather isn't helping.

After years on SPDs this is my first time on Look and my first knee problem. I am nervous about getting back on the bike. (Have Look 396s and will now switch 'em to full 9-degrees of float, so I hope that will help.)

Any advice or commiseration out there?
re: A Royal Pain in the KneeSpunout
Jan 22, 2003 10:38 AM
Start the float at full, get used to the new equipment.

Click the float down one setting, and see if there are any problems. You will know where any resistance or bad cleat positioning is as soon as you do this. Re-position the cleat, set the float back to max, and start over.

Takes a long time, but soon you'll be at 3 or 0 and be fine. Remember also, I speak of base training, intervals on new pedals/cleats would hurt alot!
Knee's suck!!!Kristin
Jan 22, 2003 11:06 AM
I got ITBS (pain on the outside edge of the knee) at the end of my first summer with Bernardo the DeBernardi (my first road bike). I over-trained, got sick, took 2 weeks off, and then did a metric. If you have tendonitis, you may need a couple months off. I finally ended up taking 3 months off. Heres the clincher--for me, at least. I now seem prone to developing ITBS and I have to be careful not to over-stress my knee on rides. I often wonder if I would have ever had any problems with my knee if I had not attempted that damned metric.

You should probably stay off the bike competely until you have no more pain in that knee. Then try a very short, easy ride (10 miles, flat), and see how it goes. If no pain then try 15 miles, flat easy, ect. ect... Some of my problems were caused because after the pain would go away, I'd jump on and ride a hard 20 miles. Then wonder why the ITBS returned. Go figure.

Good luck. Knees suck and I know how you feel. I'm always afraid of the pain returning, and as a result, I'm afraid to push too hard. I could inadvertently grounded myself for months. This is formost in my mind whenever I ride now. I know its not much help...but some commiseration, at least.
re: A Royal Pain in the Kneebsdc
Jan 22, 2003 11:34 AM
Go back to the SPD's, at least for a little while. Add a good quadracepts stretch.
re: A Royal Pain in the KneeRacer C
Jan 22, 2003 12:19 PM
I was experiencing horrible knee pail for a while that got especially bad when I was riding the trainer. The only thing I could do to alleviate it was to raise my seatpost so high that it took all pressure off my ACL. However, after researching the problem for a while, I lowered my seatpost back to its correct height and found that a simple lengthy stretching routine before and after cleared up all problems. It seems as though the muscles bands in my legs had become so developed and tight that thery weren't allowing my knee to track the correct position. So I guess my advice is always remember to stretch!
Did the same thing when I got mud in my pedalsInhighgear
Jan 22, 2003 6:23 PM
I got some mud in my look pedals last year that stopped my foot from rotating in the pedal. I didn't even notice until about after the ride. Just that one ride and I developed the same pain in my knee and it lasted over a month. I could barely walk the stairs to my place. I should have stopped riding but didn't.

Since you had the fit checked, then address the rotation issue. I used Speedplays now.

Also some weight machine leg extensions as a preventative measure, starting at a 30 degree, one leg at a time (after the pain clears up of course) isn't a bad thing to do to strengthen and prevent injury to the knee (I got this from the Velonews November or December issue.