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JS Haiku Shop - Questions???(3 posts)

JS Haiku Shop - Questions???stlman
Jan 22, 2003 6:20 AM
Your ride reports along with everyone elses are the highlights of this board. I have a few questions (or want your opinion). Is your Surly your primary bike? I currently ride a IF crown jewel and am considering a commuter/winter/rain/all around fun bike, the roads here in NE are UGLY until April, especially now with 2'+ snow and -2 degree temps. Can you give me some pros and cons of the bike for my situation?

re: JS Haiku Shop - Questions???JS Haiku Shop
Jan 22, 2003 9:10 AM
my primary bike changes as do the seasons and weather. i'm also riding a surly steamroller (single speed, freewheel--not fixed gear *yet*) through the fall and winter months.

the cross-check has taken me over the climbs of georgia's 6-gap century, over local roads for many long-distance rides, and through a few cyclocross races, all with flying colors, and all in the last few months. it was relatively inexpensive (about $1300 as is from, with ultegra, open pros, and canti brakes in their "'cross kit"), and rides with qualities of more sought-after frames.

the only strikes against the bike so far are the decals (paint job not clear coated over decals, so they're flaking off--on both surlys), and the fact that it's steel, and will rust if not carefully maintained. others might point out the weight, but i'm not concerned about it. if water/rust/salt/etc. is a huge concern in your area, you might consider an AL cross bike--excel has a redline in the same price range (but i don't know anything about redline).

i've had a few incidents with gravity on the surly, one this weekend on the road, with no ill effects as far as the frame was concerned. a pretty good couple of dings in the top tube left only a nick in the top coat or coats of paint, under which more paint can be seen. no structural damage, and i fell pretty dramatically.

I consider the cross-check a swiss-army knife, or the ultimate multi-tool, as it's suited for so many different applications. this year it will see a couple crits and road races (with the triple and canti brakes, LOL), several brevets, numerous 100+ mile training rides, and the cyclocross season, so far as my legs hold up. it has fender mounts front & back, too.

in the warm months, my "main ride" will be one of two merckx bikes, but the surly will continually be fed and often allowed to stretch its legs.

Thanks for the info... (nm)stlman
Jan 22, 2003 9:53 AM