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Experiences with CYFAC?(3 posts)

Experiences with CYFAC?snwbdrhoon
Jan 21, 2003 9:04 AM
Would love to know who's riding a Cyfac.

Which Model?



Why'd you pick it? Images would be great too!
re: Experiences with CYFAC?lanterne rouge
Jan 22, 2003 6:32 PM
I just bought an XLR8R with Muscle stays and fork from Velo Europa. As far as build quality goes, it is fantastic. The finish is incredible too. I had them paint it in the "triple blue" color scheme. (It is much brighter in person, the pictures on the website don't do the paint job justice.) Everyone that has seen the bike raves about it, and complete strangers have started conversations with me when they see it. It really is a beautiful bike! My friend built it for me about a week and a half ago and so far I have about 300 miles on it. It is my first aluminum bike so I am getting used to what I refer to as sharpness (what others might refer to as road buzz) in the ride. I just came off of a Trek Superlight, and I have heard some on this board refer to the Trek as "dead" or "wooden" feeling so my opinion on ride harshness might be somewhat skewed. (Actually, I don't find the ride harsh, just "sharper" than the Trek or for that matter my Merckx MXL too.) The bike accelerates incredibly well, in fact I would say it "winds up" better than either the Trek or the Merckx. It climbs well too, on par with the Trek while sitting and probably a little better when standing and powering up a climb. It is very stable when you are just riding down the road. I feel comfortable enough to take my hands off the bars and remove a jacket or arm warmers while riding with friends in a small group. I never felt comfortable enough to do that while riding the Trek. Descents are stable and fast. It holds a line through fast corners (or tight corners for that matter) very well. I find myself relaxing a bit too much sometimes due to the tracking ability of the bike. In case you're wondering, I built it with a Campy Record group with carbon cranks, Nucleon wheels and a Cinelli Ram seatpost and Solida and Solido Magnum bar and stem and it currently has a Flite saddle. I also just put the Arundel carbon bottle cages on it (They are really nicely made and very understated.) Fully built with Time pedals it weighs 17 and 1/2 lbs. Not ultra light but by no means a heavyweight either. Hope that helps. I will try to post pics a little later.
re: Experiences with CYFAC?snwbdrhoon
Jan 23, 2003 4:48 AM
AWESOME. Thanks so much! I am considering working with VeloEuropa as well. Cheers!

PS - I used to ride a Trek OCLV 5200 way back when. Dead isn't the word that I would use for it, but aluminium can be nice too. (my 'cross and mtn bikes are alumninum)