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Recumbent vs road bike(9 posts)

Recumbent vs road bikecyclist of all trades
Jan 20, 2003 7:18 PM
i have been the victim lately of being passed by dude on a ti recumbent. i can't stay with him on the flats and rollers. he's holding 30mph easy. whats the deal?
ha, you suck.collinsc
Jan 20, 2003 7:27 PM
passed by a recumbent...lolz

the excuse to use is that they are much more aerodynamic.

that doesnt take the shame out of being passed by a recumbent.

(jk on all that btw, they are quite aerodynamic and really should be very hard to catch on flat roads)
What are you? Weak? You can't even hold 30???seyboro
Jan 20, 2003 7:32 PM
Seriously, though, he doesn't have to worry much about a headwind. And if you ever want to draft off one of them, forget it. All you get are your shins and shoes in the 'pocket'. I suggest, you take him to the hills for a little payback.
re: Recumbent vs road bikemickey-mac
Jan 20, 2003 7:42 PM
Was he wearing a 2' long beard and a bong where a Camelbak should go?
I think I've seen himtmotz
Jan 20, 2003 8:02 PM
a cross between Santa and cheech and chong.

He gave me the peace sign and the recumbent started flying.

Sorry, couldn't pass it up.
re: Recumbent vs road bikerwbadley
Jan 20, 2003 8:15 PM
One of the few times we were passed going downhill on our tandem, it was by one of those sneaky recumbents. We were tootling along @ about 45-47mph when this Bozo (he may have been drafting us, I don't know) pulled by with at least 3mph on us. At that point we had about run out of gear, but we managed to pull in behind him. A recumbent is not much to hide behind. We had to pedal on and off through the milder grades and managed to stay with him. In the flats and rollers we were able to stay with and pull ahead sometimes, but he was real strong on a fast bike. We diced for a good while then had to admit we were licked.

I have seen a fast recumbent or two in the hills also. Most often this is where a road bike will show an advantage.

I have a recumbent. It is quite comfy, but it is not one of the faster ones. I would like to try one of the race recumbents with fairing, those are fast!

It's hard to take being passed by 'one of those' Oh well...

re: Recumbent vs road bikeohmk1
Jan 21, 2003 7:21 AM
No shame in being blown away by a recumbent-at least on the flats, and downhills. The riders on the pictured M5 low racer have broken 7 world human powered records!
re: Recumbent vs road bikeohmk1
Jan 21, 2003 7:23 AM
re: Recumbent vs road bikeCFBlue
Jan 21, 2003 7:24 AM
Just got my first bent a month ago and now own three, two for me, one for my wife, who made the longest ride in a single day on hers Sunday, 30 miles. She was not able to do that on her C'dale, and was increasingly reluctant to do that many far on the tandem.

So far, with about 250 miles I have not found LWB bents to be particularly faster than I am on my Y-Foil. I thought I was getting down the hills faster with the faired Rans Stratus, but only if I am pedaling. I run out of gears at about 38 mph, faster than I can get on the Y. Climbing, I have lost about two mph on a regular 2 mile 6% grade I ride, but I have all ready cut that time by 1 since the first ride up. Since the Y has a double, I am forced to go faster, the bent has a triple, so I can take it easier, but different muscles are being used, as my first effort on the hill pointed out. Most any decent rider can take this old man on a hill so I am not worried. I have always made it up on the flats.

As to drafting. i went on a club ride Sunday where we ran into a good head wind. I didn't really realize there was a head wind until the guy on my wheel asked. My speed through that section was about the same as I normally make on the Y. He, being a smaller fellow on a regular bike, was thrilled at how well he drafted me, he claims it was the smoothest pace line he had ever been in. (he regularly rides my wheel when I am on the Y) I am a pretty tall guy, so the fairing is set up a bit high, maybe that is the reason. He ducked in and out of my slipstream to see the difference and was really surprised. The two other riders who missed my jump and the forming pace line complained bitterly about the wind, and wished they had been a little more on the ball when I took off.

Best things about bents

Comfort, like being on a tandem, harsh roads are ironed out.

no back/should/neck pains

being able to look UP and see the tops of trees, birds, etc.

Everyone is more friendly, except for some uptight roadies

comfort, for the same exercise