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Actually, I LOVE posers!(22 posts)

Actually, I LOVE posers!GilStephens
Jan 20, 2003 8:20 AM

(snarling)Or is it "poseurs?"

This is one of the great things about this sport. Idiots with WAY too much money and WAY too few brain cells pop hundreds for "team kit," thousands for Colnago with Campy, literally thousands for a stupid watch (for crying out loud!!!), then show up at group rides in their Audi's and BMW's and look down their noses at the guy who rides an old Apollo and wears $20 Supergo shorts and a tee shirt, and drives a rusted out 78 Chevy truck. But get out on the road, where it REALLY mattters, and the "loser" on the "old bike" drops 'em on the hills, smokes 'em on the descents, and rides circles around 'em on the flats!


(muttering to self) ...bunch of freakin' losers...

p.s. Did you catch the sarcasm????
all in favour of banning sarcasm on this board...say...Frith
Jan 20, 2003 8:29 AM
Oh boo hoo hoo!!!GilStephens
Jan 20, 2003 8:35 AM
re: Actually, I LOVE posers!Bike Nut
Jan 20, 2003 9:06 AM
Gil, this sounds more like bile than sarcasm. Get a dictionary and look up the difference. Can you say "sour grapes"?
Nope! Sarcasm it is!GilStephens
Jan 20, 2003 9:21 AM
bile n. 1. A bitter, alkaline, brownish-yellow or greenish-yellow fluid that is secreted by the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and discharged into the duodenum and aids in the emulsification, digestion, and absorption of fats. Also called gall 2.Bitterness of temper; ill humor; irascibility. 3.Either of two bodily humors, black bile or yellow bile, in ancient and medieval physiology.

sar·casm n. A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound. 2. A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule. 3.The use of sarcasm.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by the Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

© 1996-2002, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Bend over. This will only take a second.Kristin
Jan 20, 2003 9:22 AM
Yep. I see the problem. Plyers please? There we go. Is that better? You had a big 'ole, nasty bug up your a$$!
That was GOOD!! :-) (nm)PEDDLEFOOT
Jan 20, 2003 10:02 AM
Nicely put Kristin :) (nm)joekm
Jan 20, 2003 10:06 AM
High-five to ya!!! Good one, K. -nmTig
Jan 20, 2003 5:26 PM
Confession of a poserbsdc
Jan 20, 2003 9:25 AM
When I was in my 20's I was in great shape. I road around on an inexpensive bike and dropped "posers" on their fancy bikes that I always lusted for. It seemed like a waste for these older out of shape guys to have such nice bikes. I also remember these fit guys in their 40's on up with nice bikes that I might be able to drop, but it wasn't easy. You had to respect them.

Now I'm in my 30's. I graduated from college, got a good job and have spent the last few years working long and hard. I'm out of shape, but I can afford a nice bike. I guess I'm a poser. I see the imbalance in my life and I'm looking to correct it. I'm putting more time and effort back into cycling. I go to the rides and see younger, fitter people on less expensive bikes. I don't look down on them. I somewhat admire them. I was there once. I do enjoy my nice car and bike, but when it comes to cycling it's not fun being older and out of shape. I hope to some day be that 40 year old on a nice bike giving that cocky stud on his clunker a run for his money.
I hear ya brother. (NM)mikebikr
Jan 20, 2003 10:13 AM
My Confession.........CARBON110
Jan 20, 2003 10:18 AM
Despite the fact that I would like to partake in the articulate wit thats been demonstrated in this and below post, I am lacking for something smashing and giddy. So, I thought I would confess to being the occassional poser as a few of you already know a little about me I'll throw a " mosta ball " out there. I am a hard core racer and have over 2k miles in this season already which for me started in Nov. I have a coach who rides pro and I ride with his team sometimes and alot with my own team. I own the following:

A winter long sleeve flece USPS jacket,
Road To Paris DVD
SRM Power Meter
Trek OCLV 5900
Nike Haut. shoes
Nike gloves
Subscribe to Cycle Sport and Velo News
Trek VOlkswagon winter hat ( very warm )
and everything else s cane creek since they are part of my sponser deal.
I always want Lance to win the Tour and Amstel Gold.
He is why I got into road biking and left Mtn biking and thats just the way it worked out...I wish it happened earlier

When its but ass cold I wear my usps jacket and not once has anyone said a thing about it. I expected some smart ass remarks since most of my team mates are good friends but nothing, not one. I asked the local pro team if it bothered them and they said not at all, I'm sure they were being nice. As a matter of fact when I ride with them during cold ass days people driving by slow down and check me out to see if im a poser or the real thing. It makes me SUPER self conscious when I wear my jacket but its so dam warm. I never wear anything but my team stuff in races.
By the way, I show up to group rides in a nice expensive car playing loud music and ride very well most of the time but I refrain from anything negative to peopl I ride with or see on the road. I wish being a FRED wasnt taken with so much critique all the time. But chances are good I can keep up with most of the people who run their mouth about posers. Although, there is a guy in the South East who races cat 1 and rides a Colnago and Mapie Uniform ful kit since his Dad works for Mapie. But its not taken well at all in the act1 ranks for some reason it bothers people. He got a deal on the bike too.... wish those things were cheaper :)
Anyway, in most places I think I would get beat up wearing that stuff,but alas, here its not the case.
Jan 20, 2003 10:30 AM
I'd never, in my most BMW/Colnago/Record10 poser moment, wear pro team clothing. I don't think much, good or bad about people that do. It's just not my thing.
I agree: "SHUT UP AND RIDE!!! " nmDougSloan
Jan 20, 2003 10:10 AM
Thanks, Doug! (nm)GilStephens
Jan 20, 2003 10:33 AM
May I add.......PEDDLEFOOT
Jan 20, 2003 10:36 AM
....wear what you want,ride what you want and respect each others choices.
I drive an '89 F250 and a BMW, where does that leave me? (nm)terry b
Jan 20, 2003 10:29 AM
A great climber who wear a team kit will riding a huffy? :-) nmDave Hickey
Jan 20, 2003 11:20 AM
or maybe a crappy sprinter riding an Ottrot wearing cut offs (nm)terry b
Jan 20, 2003 2:19 PM
This is just likeLeroy
Jan 20, 2003 10:34 AM
the 5 or 6 women on morning tv critiquing the outfits of the women stars at the Golden Globe awards, or Mr. Blackwell's 'worst dressed' list. Where did all this "fashion police" stuff come from? Is this out of all the yuppie piss-elegance, or what?
that was some pretty poor sarcasm nmcollinsc
Jan 20, 2003 10:39 AM
Gosh no, Gil, I failed to catch the sarcasm.djg
Jan 21, 2003 7:27 AM
Slippery stuff, that sarcasm.

I hope this answers your question. Really I do. Well, perhaps "hope" is the wrong word. Perhaps "dream" or even "fantasy" comes closer to capturing my feelings about this.