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Training problem...question(5 posts)

Training problem...questionPsychler
Jan 19, 2003 7:04 PM
I am an average rider...51, 145 lbs, just got interested in the sport...Two friends have asked me to be the biker in an August Triatholon relay. They are both medal winners and one ranked third in last years Xtera games in his age group. Don't ask me why they invited me, but I was humbled. NOW, how the hell do I train as not to fail them? It is a cold winter here in NY...I have a gym available to me, spin classes... Geez, am I anxious. I think I should get a new bike too!
re: Training problem...questionGrabTheBarsAndHurt
Jan 19, 2003 8:05 PM
Joe Friel (and increasingly, his son Dirk) are pretty good resources for training material. They have an article on, books on training for both bike racing and triathalons, and coach (or have people that work for them that coach) athletes of all levels.

I'd suggest at least starting by looking at one of their sites, maybe getting a book, then ultimately (if you have the cash) investing in some professional guidance.

With the right goals and motivation, you'd be amazed at what a well planned training schedule could do for an August event (and with a lot less time than you'd imagine).

Best of luck.

More sites of theirs;
re: Training problem...questionJames OCLV
Jan 20, 2003 6:54 AM
Hi Psychler,

I've got a couple of questions for you:

1. How long (distance) is the bike leg?
2. What kind of weekly time are you currently putting into training (weights, cross-training (off the bike stuff), on the bike)?
3. How much time do you think you'll have (hours per week)to train between now and the event? August is plenty far away for you to develop a good aerobic base and the right amount of Musclular Endurance to have a good ride...
4. Do you currently own and use a Heart Rate Moniter?

If you can provide the answers to the above, it would be A LOT eaiser to help you.

I, too, would recommend Joe Friel's methodologies. I've been following them for a few years with much success. You should check out "The Cyclist's Training Bible" and perhaps There's a lot of good, solid info about training between these two resources...

Where in NY are you located? Have you considered hiring a coach to help you reach this goal?

I'm out on L.I., and this past week has been BRUTAL!!! Very hard to get bike time in...
re: Training problem...questionPsychler
Jan 20, 2003 10:43 AM
James, Let's assume that I am starting from a blank slate. I have Mon/ Wed eves for workouts, and I usually put in about 2 hours Sat and Sun mountain biking... I don't think I need a full "workout" regime, I need the basics to begin with. At 5'10 and 145 lbs, I need muscule and endurance. I will p/u Friels book for sure. I live on Long Island, Sea Cliff.
re: Training problem...questionJames OCLV
Jan 20, 2003 11:33 AM
Well, without getting to complicated (if this is possible), I would suggest spending the next few months (about 8-12 weeks) building a solid aerobic base. The idea behind this is to increase your cycling economy (the ability to go faster at lower levels of effort) and prepare your body for higher intensity efforts that come later. This can be broken up into 3 four-week blocks. Each bolck gets progressively longer/harder, and the 4th week is a rest week (continue to work out, just cut your volume/intensity down).

You want to start out going pretty easy during first 4-week block. It sounds like you've probably got about an hour on both Monday and Wed. I would spend this time working on speed skills. You can do workouts such as spin-ups or one-leg isolated drills. This will really help to increase your economy and smooth out your pedal stroke. Depending on the length of your event (your longest ride of the week should be about 15% greater than the length of the event), you might want to consider doing a longer ride on either Sat. or Sun (maybe 3 hours or so - pretty hard considering the weather that we've had lately!) if you can. It's very important to keep the intensity in check during this period - without a solid base of fitness, hard workouts will tear you down rather than build you up. Going too hard now will leave you wasted come August. This takes discipline - the payoff will come, though. Just be patient!

During the 2nd block, you can up the intensity a little and add some force workouts and Tempo workouts (do one on Monday and the other on Wednesday). Keep the long ride on Sat or Sun. On the other weekend day, you can possibly do another Tempo workout. I'd say that is probably a greater limiter for you than Force (at 5'10" and 145lbs, your probably pretty lean and climbing isn't a problem for you).

During the 3rd block, you can up the intensity a little more - instead of doing Tempo intervals, to some intervals at your TT pace (Mon. or Wed.). Keep the Force workout and the Long weekend ride.

Just keep in mind that the above is VERY basic - Friel's book goes into much more detail, and is a great resource for using periodization to peak for a specific event (which is what it sounds to me like you want to do). If you have any more questions, feel free to post them!