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Need help, unique training question(3 posts)

Need help, unique training questionSwat Dawg
Jan 19, 2003 1:17 PM
Here's the deal. I am a collegiate racer, and our first race is March first. I did a big no,no and prior to yesterday, I hadn't been on my bike for 5 weeks. More than that, I didn't do any physical activity for that whole period (Finals, Christmas, I was pretty sick for a spell, and New Year's). My goal is to get back into shape before the season if possible. Before I took all the time off the bike, I had a good base. I raced my MTB bike all summer, and I won a race in October. Beginning in late September I switched into a base building phase, and got lots of LSD miles in between Sept, and Dec. 10th. I feel like my base fitness was pretty strong, and I don't think its all gone but I'm concerned about immediately starting with intensity. I really need advice on where I should jump back into things to be ready for the season. Should I start this first week warming my legs up, and then next week jump into intervals and hardcore speed training or should I wait longer. I'm just confused because I'm not sure where I should go from here. By the way over the break I didn't gain any weight, I actually lost about 6 lbs. (Youthful Metabolism, I'm 21.) So, I actually am pretty close to what I think would be an optimal race weight. Anyway, what do you think? Thanks for your help. Hope your off-seasons are going well.
Jan 19, 2003 5:13 PM
You should be starting intensity right now, building on your base of the past 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, you skipped the last 5 weeks, and so have lost some base fitness. You'll have to ride to find out how much you lost. Unless your March 1 race is somehow critical to you, I would suggest just trying to get your base back. If it comes back quickly (you're young!) then you can get into intensity after a couple of weeks, leaving 4 weeks to get ready for the race. However, you're better to stick with building your base than risk injury so early in the season. Don't rush into it if you find you need to spend time building base back up.
OopsJon Billheimer
Jan 19, 2003 5:43 PM
Agree. Pay particular attention to your heart rate response and its relationship to your power output. When these numbers start to approach their normal profiles, then start adding intensity. This will probably take at least two to three weeks, perhaps longer depending on your "trainability," which is genetically determined.