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profile jammer sl(3 posts)

profile jammer slmollythedog
Jan 19, 2003 12:15 PM
I am thinking about purchasing the profile jammer sl aero bar for use in tri and bi-alathons (sp?). I have a road bike with a position that I am very happy with. I have read that this bar works well witha road position.Is this true? My question is how much handle bar space will the bar take up, if any? And also any experiences that anyone has had with this product good and bad. If bad what would be better bar. Bascially I am looking for a bar that will not disrupt my current positon and offer me a aero positon other then riding in the drops
re: profile jammer slmja
Jan 19, 2003 4:33 PM
Yes, I too wanted to add aero bars to standard road setup without having to move the handlebar. So I tried the SL extensions. These bars are 7/8 in. dia. plus an 11/16 in. clamp width. The length is 9-1/2 in. These can mount either below or above the handlebar. The clamp seems to hold adequately.

It took all the length to get the position I wanted. And the velcro, wrap-around arm pads are not comfortable. (It did occur to me that adding some foam pipe insulation around the handlebar before strapping on the arm pads might ameliorate this problem, but I haven't tried this yet.) You could also find that you wanted to rest your arms just where the clamp is located, and this definitely would be painful. I suspect, however, that the extensions could be upgraded with the Profile ZB brackets. (I am also waiting for the Syntace website to come back up, so that I can see what they have to offer.)
re: profile jammer slmollythedog
Jan 19, 2003 4:36 PM
thanks for your help. I think that i will give thm a try and se what happens.