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Big pedals perform better than SPDs?(4 posts)

Big pedals perform better than SPDs?gnailuh
Jan 18, 2003 6:25 PM
I know for road biking that large pedals with big platforms are better. But do they really enhance performance or is it just for comfort? I'm currently using the Ritchey spd with my mtb carbon-sole shoe. The small platform is not bothering me after hard 40-50 mile rides.

Now if I switch to shimano spd-r or looks, do you think it will help with performance? and i understand that the road pedals allow closer cleat to spindle contact, how does this really help? it does't lower my body's center of gravity...

Like to hear some comments from people who switch from spds to larger platforms. I'm willing to make the change if performance is enhanced.

re: Big pedals perform better than SPDs?seyboro
Jan 19, 2003 7:15 AM
I made the switch from SPDs to Looks about 5 years ago, when I got away from mainly riding my MTB. Initially, the idea was to increase comfort on longer rides, as the small cleats were putting a hurting on the balls of my feet.
As for perfomance, I have noticed a few advantages as well:
-being a big rider, there is an added feeling of security when standing.
-side to side wiggle, as I had experienced with both SPD and TIME mtb pedals, not a problem anymore.
-Look pedals offer easily adjustable float adjustment, which became an issue due to knee pain.
Granted, these are small changes to some. To me, they were worth the money.
No. If you have a stiff sole, it really doesn't matter.Paolo1
Jan 19, 2003 10:13 AM
The stiff sole will act as a large platform. Most people don't adjust the SPD's correctly, and get a hot point or other discomfort on their feet. A lot of people like the speedplays which have a small platform. I've been using SPD's for years, and once set up correctly, they are fine.
Larger platform=better power transferbugleboy
Jan 19, 2003 4:24 PM
With the stiff soles that shoes have today, hot spots my occur less. No matter the position of the cleat it may still happen. On my cross bike I use SPD and I never feel any hotspots after longer rides(50-75 miles). I do notice a power difference, it may be all in my head. With a larger platform there is more surface area. More to push on. My advice if you want to try something else do it.