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Roller Races(1 post)

Roller RacesScot_Gore
Jan 18, 2003 10:13 AM
I ride on a bike team that raises money for MS. About half the riders work at the same company. We've had several fund raisers around the office to collect money from our co-workers and raise interest in the team in previous years. One of the ideas I was going to toss out as an event this year was "Roller Races".

I was thinking to set up a set of rollers and a stationary trainer in our lunch room. Then offer "X" mile races or most distance in "X" minutes against team members for a $5 entry fee. Win the race your name goes into a drawing for a fabulous (donated) prize. The entry fee goes to MS.

Question: Can you make this fair ? Bear in mind, it dosn't have to be completely fair, just not completely lopsided. It's all for fun and charity.

Rollers would be 3" Kreitler Poly Lytes, Trainer is TBD.

Your thoughts on making a race of it.