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colnago frame size question(10 posts)

colnago frame size questionmorency
Jan 17, 2003 11:59 PM
my normal framesize is 57cm center/center
which size should I take with the Colnago sizing?
re: colnago frame size questionJowan
Jan 18, 2003 1:12 AM
Colnago has a somewhat different sizing, its measured center to top, not center-center. Also the top tube's are shorter that average, you'll need a longer stem.

I rode a 57cm Bianchi that unfortunately cracked and have now ordered a Colnago frame. The LBS carefully took all my measurements and advised me a 58 cm Colnago. Haven't ridden it yet, so can't tell you if its correct, but by comparison between the geometry-tabels from both Colnago and Bianchi it should be. My LBS is so confident that I can swap the frame if its not the correct size.

My advise it to get measured by a dealer that has experience with the colonago sizing, no bigger bummer than ending up with the wrong size.

C-40 should chime in here . . . butLook381i
Jan 18, 2003 5:28 AM
I ride two 54 frames and a 56 Colnago. I use the same stem for all three (120). A typical adjustment is at the seatpost, not the stem. Depending on your current frame geometry, you might have to add some setback to the Colnago to get your lower body into the same position over the pedals. For example, I use a Campy seatpost on my Colnago and a USE Alien (no setback) on my Look because of the different STAs.

Good luck. Which frame are you getting?
re: colnago frame size questionRusty Coggs
Jan 18, 2003 5:56 AM
My colnago is 58 C- top of toptube. Other rides are 57 c-c.Pay attention to TT length.My colnago seattube angle is only 13minutes steeper than the others,and not an issue,but TT is .2cm shorter.
Jan 18, 2003 6:18 AM
Hate to yell, but the geometry chart at pretty much tells all.

The chart shows both c-t size and c-c size. The 590 X 569 size measures 57cm c-c with a 56.9cm TT length. This top tube length is .5-1.0cm shorter than some other brands. Also note the head tube length of 167mm. This is an important dimension that helps to determine the height of the handle bars. Colnago head tubes are a little longer than some other brands (a good thing). Also remember that Colnago frames use conventional threadless headsets that have a stack height in the 25-28mm range. The total head tube length will increase to at least 192mm with the headset installed.

Integrated headsets only have a stack height of 6mm. The head tube on an integrated headset frame needs to be 20mm longer to get the same final length.

If you compare to some other brand, be sure that the seat tube angles are the same. A smaller seat tube angle (like 72.5 degrees) shortens the top tube by 6-7mm in this size.
Jan 18, 2003 8:57 AM
it's not so much HT length as it is extension of the HT above the TT.Everything else being equal, HT length can vary just by the angle the downtube makes with it.
it is the HT length...C-40
Jan 18, 2003 9:33 AM
The amount that the HT extends above the TT has nothing to do with the handle bar height. Most forks these days are made within a few millimeters of the same length from the center of the axle to the crown race. The HT length tells you high how the bars will be relative to the saddle.

The only other thing that affects the bar height relative to the saddle is the BB height. Occasionally you may find a brand that has a taller BB height that would increase the bar to saddle height difference, even though both had the same HT length.
Here's one for you C-40 re: C-40boneman
Jan 19, 2003 2:57 AM
My height is 169cm, inseam is 76.2cm, same size as Paolo Bettini in fact except he's 1kg lighter.

Ride a 99 Vortex which mfs. specs as follows: seat tube angle 74, st length ctc is 49.3cm, tt is 52.5cm, setback 13.2cm, head tube angle 72.5, head tube length 9cm, bb height 26.9mm. Stem length 100mm, 80 degree, C King headset 28mm stack plus a 10mm spacer, Time impact pedals with NW Evolution shoes. Saddle placement is fine (Flite) but only about 2mm in rearward adjustment left and this using a post with standard offset (American Classic and ITM Millenium). Ideally, I'd probably go with about 2mm less in reach which I did on a custom, or a 15mm spacer.

Thinking about a C-40. Colnago chart shows 51 ctt (which is 49 ctc) with 127mm in offset and steeper seat tube angle. Go for the 51 or next size up at 52?

FWIW, Bettini rides a 51. I met him at the Lisbon airport before the 2001 Worlds and he's a very nice guy.
more info...C-40
Jan 19, 2003 5:52 AM
Both the 51 and 52cm Colnagos have slightly steeper STA than your Vortex. The C-40 seatpost has essentially the same design as the ITM Millennium. This means that you will probably run out of setback, unless you use a different post or saddle.

Both sizes also have longer effective top tube lengths (about 1.2cm). You'll need a 1cm shorter stem or be willing to try a longer reach.

What's the vertical distance of your saddle above the top tube? If it's 18cm or more, I'd go for the larger frame. If it's 17cm or less, I'd go for the smaller frame.

The additional head tube length of the Colnago should be a plus. You probably won't need head tube spacers.
re: colnago frame size questionMGS
Jan 18, 2003 4:54 PM
I have a custom Spectrum which is 56.5cm.

I ride a 58cm Colnago. The bike is a perfect match.

I would suggest the 58cm Colnago, but as others have noted, check your top and head tube. Try to match the dimensions.

Of course, if you think your current bike is large/small, use this only as a reference point.