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New Vittoria tires?(3 posts)

New Vittoria tires?katie1
Jan 17, 2003 5:32 PM
Why has Vittoria changed the name of the Open Corsa tires to EVO CX? Is it really a different tire or a marketing ploy?
re: New Vittoria tires?MR_GRUMPY
Jan 17, 2003 6:39 PM
Just to be different... It's probably the same reason their sew ups went from 240g to 250g to 270g and now to 275g. The weight of a good training tire.
there are a few new types i believecollinsc
Jan 17, 2003 6:39 PM
CX, KS and KX and info on them is not exactly flowing.

Best descriptions Ive found are on

Vittoria EVO CX Clincher (230g)
New tire from Vittoria with silica tread compound - direct replacement for the Open Corsa CX

Vittoria EVO KS Corespun K Clincher (230g)
New tire from Vittoria with slick silica tread compound
(I have a pair of these waiting for spring)

Vittoria EVO KX Clincher (245g)
New tire from Vittoria with silica tread compound. The KX has a more aggressive tread pattern and more rubber than the CX

The pair I have seem nice, but I have not tried them yet. I imagine they are an upgrade analogous to the old Axial/Pro Race thing (re: the silica compound). I am currently on a pair of Pro Races and am finding them nicely grippy and cut resistant. They are a bit harsh of a ride however, and am expecting the Evo KS to be much smoother, while hopefully maintaining the grip and durability.