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any thoughts on Marin roadbikes?(2 posts)

any thoughts on Marin roadbikes?dante
Jan 17, 2003 12:15 PM
hey, I've been mtn. biking for several years now (XC, FR, DH) and am getting the urge to buy a road bike, ostensibly to train for DH racing but really do think I'll fall for it. So in my searches for a roadbike, I came across a 2001 Marin Treviso in my LBS. Any thoughts on it? Seems like an awesome deal, steel tubing, Chorus gruppo, carbon fork, etc., but have zero experience w/ road bikes and am not too fond of Marin mtn bikes. Anybody have one, or experience w/ Marin road bikes in general? Is the Foco tubing much different from 853? How does the frame ride? I'll try to ride it but coming from a FR/DH background (really upright riding, short top-tube, 2" rise, 27" long bars) *anything* is gonna feel weird.

I'll probably be using this for group rides, maybe some touring, don't think I'll be racing...

re: any thoughts on Marin roadbikes?DaveG
Jan 17, 2003 6:17 PM
as far as I know Marin road frames are still made in Italy by Billato Telia. I have a '99 Vicenza (Columbus Brain tubing)which is not as fancy as the Treviso and I think the frame build quality and finish are excellent. I am very satified with the bike. Foco is probably comparable to 853, both being air-hardened steels. You can find some tubing comparisons at Strong frames web site if you want to investigate more.