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Airglow frame painting???? Where's my frame?(4 posts)

Airglow frame painting???? Where's my frame?pp_mcgee
Jan 17, 2003 8:45 AM
I was wondering if anyone had info about airglow painting in Georgia? There website is great ( and they seemed nice on the phone, so I sent them my Trek Postal OCLV Frame to be repainted. They emailed me and said they painted it and would ship it back that week. They charged my credit card. And now I haven't seen my frame. It's been a month since they said they would ship it. I can't reach them by phone and my emails now get returned as undeliverable. Any word on this company??? Will I ever get my frame back? Any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
It's a long shot but ...superdog
Jan 18, 2003 9:28 AM
you might try contacting the ISP that hosts their web site. They may have an actual person's name and phone number you may contact. The ISP is:

Advanced Internet Technologies
21 Maiden Lane Fayetteville NC 28301
(877) 209-5184

Airglow Bicycle Painting (AIRGLOWPAINTING-DOM)
306 Drinkard Dr.

Patti Lindsey
(706) 678 4569

There is also a public telephone listing for a residence with the same phone number; see below. Looks like Jacob and Patti Lindsey. They also have another telephone number listed for this same location. Both of theese phone numbers are listed in the public searchable phone number database. I have a strange feeling you'll be able to reach them at their other number.

Lindsey Jacob
(706) 678-4569

Lindsey Jacob
(706) 678-5856
pp_mcgee, I forgot to ask you ...superdog
Jan 18, 2003 9:33 AM
Post a message to let us know what happens with your frame. I want to have my OCLV repainted and I'd like to know how yours turned out, that is, if you ever get it back.
Call your credit card company and dispute the charge....Gregory Taylor
Jan 18, 2003 6:25 PM
...before you pay the bill. You shouldn't have to pay until you get the merchandise that you've paid for, especially since you cannot raise Airglow on the phone. Document your attempts to contact Airglow. Send them a demand for the frame in a letter, preferably return receipt requested.