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Are we now mainstream?(3 posts)

Are we now mainstream?vindicator
Jan 16, 2003 11:12 AM
So I'm changing planes Tuesday in Denver - my first visit to the (relatively) new DIA. Like many new airports, it has a mall inside. As I'm looking for a spot to eat, what do I see but a kiosk (cart, actually) called "BikeKulture" or something like that selling nothing but bike stuff. And not Wal-Mart brand "mountain" bikes, but stuff that would only appeal to real cyclists - merino wool jerseys, team caps, books on Fausto Coppi, the history of the TdF, Graham Watson's book, etc., plus lots of Graham Watson posters, older cycling photo-posters, and vintage bike ad posters.

Of course, it was all "airport priced," so I didn't buy anything, but if you can find a biography of Il Campionissimo in an airport kiosk, then cycling is mainstream!
Not necessarilyMike-Wisc
Jan 16, 2003 11:27 AM
You should have talked with the kiosk owner or employee, could have been an outlet island for a fairly local mainline shop. Denver is home to many pro-level athletes and is also a major waypoint for many people involved in sports of some sort or in some way. Plus bike stuff is sometimes a little trendy in some circles (I said a little).

Look at the Boulder area alone, home to several training camps and a destination for many cyclists. Also a fairly active local racing scene in that region compared to other regions. Plus the international aspect is there as well.

Could be mainstream or not. I usually go to the local grocery and book stores. The more shelf space there is the more locally mainstream the activity is, or the more active the local population is. There's a grocery store near where I lived last year that put in a health food section for the local community and commuters, they had more stuff in there than 5 of the local cycling shops combined as far as endurance and protein goods go.

But talking with a bike shop owner in my new town it seems we are back in a road-growth period. He said a lot of his former MTB customers are starting to get into the road scene fairly heavy in the last year or so. Could be a local phenominum, or could be a sign of the times.

What's old is new again. The river bends and flows. Stay put and eventually you may be back in the mainstream of things. :)
re: Are we now mainstream?JS Haiku Shop
Jan 16, 2003 11:28 AM
probably less mainstream and more denver.

when you can buy a road bike in wal-mart, then it's mainstream.

you *can* buy a road bike in toys-r-us, but i think that's pretty unusual.