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First turbo trainer session in 5 years last night...........(3 posts)

First turbo trainer session in 5 years last night...........GileyD
Jan 16, 2003 4:23 AM
Last night my wife was at work and I'd finally got the kids fed, bathed and to bed. I was not in a very good mood and was going to crack open a bottle of wine, but on a whim decided to workout on the turbo trainer instead.

I went down to the cellar and dug it out. Hadn't been used for at least 5 years, so brushed the cobwebs off and took it up into the kitchen to set it up. I opened it up and put it on the floor to be met with a primeval screech. One of the cats had wandered over to see what was going on and I had put the trainer on her tail! She is frantically running on the spot, cartoon-style, whilst pinned by her tail. I release the feline, and ignoring the subsequent malevolent glares set the bike up.

I started the CD player, put the headphones on, clipped in and started to spin. First thoughts were how easy it was, I must be fitter than I realised, and how, for a fan-trainer it really isn't that noisy. Took about 20 seconds to realise I hadn't set up the fly wheel on the back tyre!! Ah..

I hadn't bothered to set a fan up, I was in front of the open kitchen window and it was a cold night so figured I'd be ok. Couldn't work out why I was getting so hot and sweating profusely. It wasn't til I was warming down at the end that I realised I had positioned the bike so that four 60w bulbs (which I'd left on) were about 4 inches above my head.

Grabbed a towel within reach to mop up the sweat, after a bit I dropped it on the floor, so used the only other thing within reach – a tea-towel. It turned out this somehow had a load of grease on it which I then wiped liberally across my face.

Tried to pass the time by trying to work out why my trusty Flite saddle (versions of which I have used since they first came out) was hurting so much. My arse felt as though I was sitting on a cold breeze-block wall, naked, after a drunken night riding a bucking bronco machine. (Or so I would imagine, ahem.)

At about the half-way mark it was all starting to gel. I was getting into the music and had my head down with my eyes shut. After a while I looked up and caught sight of my reflection in the window - I was rocking my head about to the music in a frankly rather disturbing manner. I then noticed an outside light was on in a garden a few doors down and the inhabitants were stood in the garden looking up at me with rather concerned expressions on their faces. Hey – check out the freak in the kitchen over there...

In the end I managed to do an hour at 70-75% MHR, so not a bad workout. Maybe I'll plan it a bit better next time...
Mucho :-) at that one fella!(nm)StevieP
Jan 16, 2003 4:50 AM
re: First turbo trainer session in 5 years last night...........aliensporebomb
Jan 16, 2003 1:32 PM
That's totally hilarious:

Neighbor1: What's he doing?
Neighbor2: I'm not sure.
Neighbor3: Looks freakish for sure.
Neighbor1: He's bobbing and shaking.
Neighbor2: He's sweating like mad.
Neighbor3: He looks like he's in pain.
Neighbor1: But why is he smiling?
Neighbor2: We'd better not ask.