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A Noon Ride to Remember with Bob Roll(29 posts)

A Noon Ride to Remember with Bob Rollstik__boy
Jan 14, 2003 4:25 PM
wow !!! nmLeroy
Jan 14, 2003 4:40 PM
That settles it, I'm growing some chops....julio
Jan 14, 2003 5:58 PM
That guy is a totalLazywriter
Jan 14, 2003 7:56 PM
He is not funny, he is butt ugly and a hillbilly to boot. I know I am not alone and I hope he reads this board. I fu(king hate you.
That guy is a totaldesmo
Jan 14, 2003 9:01 PM
Yeah, but I bet he could drop your yuppie-ti bike riding, wannabe Brooklyn guinea, tough guy, a s s.
If Roll does read this board,mickey-mac
Jan 14, 2003 9:04 PM
I'd like to assure him that being called a douchebag by Lazywanker is the highest honor that can be achieved on this board. Congratulations, Bobke.
Jan 14, 2003 9:18 PM
Bobke is a little weird, but so are most of the people I like. Bobke rules!
You see, it is ridiculouslyLazywriter
Jan 14, 2003 9:21 PM
corny guys like you that would find this guy funny or entertaining. Seriously, you guys have terrible senses of humor if you find this guy funny. I remember a ways back during the TDF when people were complaining that they were going to get rid of OLN if they showed his retarded commercials incessantly.
Desmo, you can kiss my a$$. Being able to drop me still doesn't make him les of a douchebag.
Once again,mickey-mac
Jan 14, 2003 9:28 PM
your post shows that you're: 1) stupid; 2) unable to comprehend a simple statement; or 3) both 1 and 2. I vote for #3. I don't remember saying in my post that I thought Roll was funny. I only recently got OLN, haven't listened to any of Roll's commentary, and have no opinion on his sense of humor. My point was that being called a douchebag by you is a badge of honor.
Yes, it is an honor andLazywriter
Jan 14, 2003 9:31 PM
you wear it well, Douchebag!
out of lineDougSloan
Jan 16, 2003 3:21 PM
I don't care what you think of the guy, this isn't the place to be calling anyone names, much less juvenile off-color names. What's your major malfunction, anyway?

The guy suffered through more races than any of us would ever hope to; he deserves respect for that, if nothing else.

You people are so denseLazywriter
Jan 17, 2003 7:27 AM
I wasn't commenting on his cycling history. I was talking about his commentary and lack of humor. Dennis Miller is an accomplished comedian but was a HORROR SHOW on Monday Night Football. That is my point and you guys try to extrapolate all this other stuff about character defamation. Stop policing the site Doug. YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN.
There you go agaiinDougSloan
Jan 17, 2003 7:42 AM
A request for a little decency isn't "policing the site." If I were policing the site, I'd flip a switch and we'd never hear from you again.

You can't state an opinion about someone without using words like "douchebag", particularly in a public forum? I thought people stopped saying things like that once they left the playground, and most people didn't even say it then.

Now play nice.

mickey-mac is da man!!! nmNessism
Jan 15, 2003 7:23 AM
easy there dicemanemptyhanded
Jan 15, 2003 7:16 AM
it doesn't make you any less of a douchebag either.

do people really say douchebag?
Is that that rubber water bottle thing with a hose attached to ?High Gear
Jan 15, 2003 6:02 PM
It must be difficult to ride with that corn cob up yer @ss! :-o -nmTig
Jan 15, 2003 8:11 AM
If you make a good hot sauce you'll irritate a few a$$holesdzrider
Jan 15, 2003 5:22 AM
I saw Bob Roll busting his butt in a NORBA race he had no hope of winning. He'd made his appearance and didn't have to work that hard. The only thing more impressive to me was the guy who broke his seat and did the last two laps standing up. He's a real rider and an amusing, at times, writer.
Lazywriter is a totalGrabTheBarsAndHurt
Jan 15, 2003 6:54 AM
He is not funny, he is butt ugly and a hillbilly to boot. I know I am not alone and I hope he reads this board. I fu(king hate you.
Jan 14, 2003 11:45 PM
I'm not sure where Lazyrider is coming from and I'm not sure it matters, but I've got to admit,I'm not too impressed with Mr. Roll's chops, his commercials on OLN during the TdF were killing me, and I found referring to our president as "Bubba" to be offensive and leaves himself open to critisism.

No one wants nukes, I'm sure he can leave me in the dust on my bike, and, yes, it's titanium.
Bob Roll vs. Bubba Next Electioncrosscut
Jan 15, 2003 6:36 PM
I'd rather have Bob Roll as president, rather than the dumb Bubba we have now. Let's see, what could Roll do as president that could harm this country? Take a budget surplus and turn it to a record deficit in two years? Oversee an economy with record unemployment? Fail to capture a 6'-6" arab terrorist hiding in a cave? Give the rich a HUGE tax break while cutting 10 million dollars of heating/energy aid to the elderly because we can't afford it? Undermine environmental laws? Have behind-closed-door meetings with energy company CEOs to establish national policy? Piss off just about every foreign government? The list could go on and on and on. I say we elect Bob Roll in two years. No, wait, that couldn't happen. The Supreme court would over throw it.
So true... and people called CLINTON an idiot?! George The Lesser brings presidential intelligence to a new all time low! -nmTig
Jan 16, 2003 7:31 AM
Mister RollRubiks_Manuever
Jan 15, 2003 12:44 AM
That's it. I'm growin some chops too for the new racing season. I always loved Mister Roll, from his road days to his silly TDF OLN commercials to his dry & witty commentary with Mister Armstrong and Mister Paul. His Gear Guide road product reviews were always right on as well. The guy's a monster, and a very cool dude too. I doubt he wastes his time reading RBR because of the incessant nonsensical blather by Lazywriter types.
Mister Rolllitesp
Jan 15, 2003 9:45 AM
Judge not by appearances. Bob Roll might not be a pretty boy of cycling, but he's got heart. Anyone who's ever read about his early days in cycling will understand his very humble struggles to rise to the pro ranks of the sport.

I too snickered when he first started commentating for OLN, and I despised the idiotic commercials. But, I've also noticed that he's improved a whole lot this year when sitting next to Phil and Paul.

I met Bob at this year's Interbike in LV, where I briefly talked to him at the Trek booth and invited him to come to our booth way at the back of the room. Amazingly, he came over to chat with us before hurrying off to another engagement. Bob Roll's got a rough exterior but is really down to earth and an all together friendly guy.
Are you sure wern't riding with this guy?SnowBlind
Jan 15, 2003 11:19 AM
Or perhaps seperated at birth?
snowblind yer sick but funny as h$ll! LOL!Rubiks_Manuever
Jan 15, 2003 10:30 PM
I can't remember actually "Laughing out Loud" on this board--thanks! I love Bobke but I do admit there is a startling and somewhat unsettling resemblance...
That's BOBKE LazyW!!cyclequip
Jan 16, 2003 4:43 AM
He was a legend when you were learning how to choke turkey. He was pulling riders like Hampsten, Phinney and others in some of the toughest races on earth. He rode the Gavia on that epic day in the blizzard while you were all warm and snug sucking momma's tit. When he speaks on cycling, I'll put away my arrogance and effing well LISTEN!
What does any of that have to do with himLazywriter
Jan 16, 2003 2:51 PM
being an unfunny douchebag? His commercials are annoying and he thinks he is a character when in reality he is an unfunny commentator trying to act like the "wacky and zany" guy. Kinda like those morning radio "Zoo" guys that are endemic throughout the a.m. slots on the radio. I know of what I speak, the guy is lame and I don't know of anyone who thinks he is funny.
Bob RollLeroy
Jan 16, 2003 4:52 AM
is one American cycling personality who can back up what he says with his record. Look how he smokes out the piss-elegant types even on this board - my oh my, taking all their team kits, and themselves, so seriously. He's good for the sport, and great entertainment. Ever read his essays ?