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Klein Q Pro Carbon vs. Lemond Zurich (which is better?)(2 posts)

Klein Q Pro Carbon vs. Lemond Zurich (which is better?)payed4bychrist
Jan 13, 2003 6:45 PM
I am looking to get a nice road bike. I have a klein mountain bike and really like them alot. I have been looking alot and have narrowed it down to these two.( or if u know of some more that i should check out tell me about them too) The Klein Q Pro Carbon and Lemond Zurich. Which is better? I have checked the review and the Q Pro Carbon has all perfects. The Zurich doesnt but i have been told it is a better hill climber. Let me know what you think. THANKS

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re: Klein Q Pro Carbon vs. Lemond Zurich (which is better?)Ride-Fly
Jan 13, 2003 10:17 PM
I haven't ridden either of those bikes but I have a '00 Klein Quantum Race (w/o Carbon stays and pre- ZR9000 tubing). I can tell you that there is now way the Zurich is a better climber than the Q Pro. The Zurich WILL be heavier by about 1 to 1.5 lbs and it won't be stiffer in the BB. The Z will probably be a little more comfy for extended rides- guessing above 60 miles or so. If
I could get any bike regardless of price, I would get the Q Pro Team in Night Storm paintscheme. Good luck in your decision. You won't be disappointed if you pick the Klein!!!Ride ON!!!