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My neighbour's dog is terrified of my bike.(3 posts)

My neighbour's dog is terrified of my bike.cp123
Jan 13, 2003 4:26 PM
Is there anything I can do regarding my neighbour's dog which I think is totally terrified of my bike and, as a consequence, often cops a flogging from its owner when it barks at me?

We share a driveway and are located behind two other houses at the front. Now this neighbour and I merely say "hi" on occasions. Out of the dozen times I have spoken to him, he has usually been more drunk than sober if you get the picture, so I tend to keep my eyes down and not get involved.

The neighbour got a black labarador puppy nearly 12 months ago. It was cute and friendly and smiley as all labs are and would come up and try and chew my ankles and do all the usual puppy things. Once I was heading off for a ride and starting off up the driveway. This neighbour was up collecting his newspaper at the top of the street. The puppy was obviously a bit hesitant coming back down and started to back away from the bike and cower with its tail curled under. I said "its ok buddy" in what I hoped was reassuring tones and stopped the bike so it could pass. So then it started to growl and the owner yelled "cutitout!" and thumped it twice with the rolled up newspaper for growling. I invited the dog over to have a look at the bike but it wasn't having a bar of it.

So it has escalated from there in a big way. Every time the dog sees my bike coming in or out of the driveway it totally goes ballistic. barking and growling and racing to the end of its chain and almost strangling itself. I should say, the dog is tied right next to the entrance and he doesn't have a gate. Sometimes as it charges out I can hear the clank of the water bowl turning over and I hope it gets noticed before the dog sits there all day in 35 degree heat without any. If the guy is home often he comes out and roars at the dog or worse. Once I heard a whack followed by a yelp. Maybe I should have had the guts to go back and confront him and told him to lay off the dog, but the guy is not pleasant.

Its not only the bike he goes off at. Now if he sees kids skateboarding past or pushing wheelie bins he goes off too. I did speak with the neighbour recently about the dog. He can't understand why he's so scared. Like D'oh! Whadya reckon einstein? Now he's more paranoid about anybody - not just bikes. I tried to say that if he was scared and tried to show it, he shouldn't be disciplined for it, but rather reassured. And that getting told off would reinforce his fear and confirm to him that bikes are nasty. He said he knows all about dogs and that's the way he's always done it and that he's got to learn how to behave!!!

Now he goes off even when i walk up to get the mail. Perhaps its not now just the bike that's evil, but me. Barks and carries on like a pork chop at whatever time of the day or night. The people in the front house saw him recently cop a whack because the guy had let him off the chain and he'd wandered up into the street. Because he's still a young thing, he probably just waddled up the street to see what was happening. It wasn't good enough for the owner and apparently he said he has to learn to do what its told. Even if it is "sit" untied in front of an open gate for hours?

Now I just totally ignore the dog. Every time I come in our out it starts up again, and if i look at him directly he's *much* worse. Until the owner comes out and yells at it (if he's home). Otherwise he stops when i go inside.

I'm so sad that what should be a happy young pup should be a totally terrified neurotic mess. I think he should be smiling and wagging his tail and being friendly rather than being like cujo. He's fed and watered and looks healthy but it just seems very sad. When he's psycho I can't even approach him so I'd have no chance to refill his water anyway. Plus, the owner would probably tell me to rack off and get out of his yard.

Is it too late for this poor dog? I suggested he be moved away from the gate
Thats interestingFrith
Jan 14, 2003 7:52 AM
My mum's dog is the exact same way. It goes nuts when it sees a person on a bike...this eventually became true for rollerblades and skateboards too. I really don't know what it is and I can assure you that it's not a result of any abuse related to a bike. It's generally a really mild mannered and well behaved dog. I've tried introducing it to the bike in a friendly way, but it just cowers frightened of what it thinks I or the bike may do to it. I honestly don't understand it, and it doesn't seem like it's anything that's reversable.
doesn't sound too unusualmoschika
Jan 14, 2003 8:16 AM
one of my dogs will sometimes attack my bike as i roll it thru the yard in and out of the shed. he'll run up to the front of the bike and bite the tire as it's rolling. but then on some days he just doesn't seem all that interested in the bike. very unpredictable.

my other dog barks at the ice cream cart pushers as they ring their bells, helicoptors and planes flying overhead.

and they both think the vacuum is evil incarnate, with the cat coming a close second.