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Broken leg while cycling(4 posts)

Broken leg while cyclingdave woof
Jan 13, 2003 1:42 PM
My GF broke her leg cycling Oct 31 - both Tibia and Fibula broken. The surgeon put a titanium rod in tibia but nothing in the fibula. Also no cast was put on or even a splint. The doc said the fibula dosn't need a rod or even a cast to heal correctly - he says the fibula is not a supporting bone and is only there for attaching muscles, tendons, etc. Is this crap or what?

Both bones are broken about in the middle of the lower leg.

From the xrays it still looks like the fibula is broken and not healing 10 weeks later..

Worried about this. thanks

Time to amputate. (nm)onespeed
Jan 13, 2003 2:03 PM
I had similar fracture and procedure...biknben
Jan 13, 2003 2:30 PM
I broke my Tib and Fib while playing soccer in '98. I had the same procedure done. Metal rod in tibia screws at top and bottom, nothing in Fibula. The doc explained the same things to me regarding the Fibula. It is not a weight bearing bone.

I do not know what typical recovery time is for this procedue but I can explain what I went through. I healed very aggresively. I was issued crutches and a removable cast (like a big boot). After two weeks the x-ray showed that a "ball" was forming around the break in the Tibia but the Fibula was much slower to heal. I remember the fibula moving around for the first couple weeks if I put sideways pressure on it. I used the crutches for 4 weeks then was able to walk in the cast. After 8-10 I was walking on it gingerly. After 10 weeks I was fine. The doc did make a point of saying that my recovery was much quicker than he expected.

I was told in the beginning that recovery would be 8-12 weeks versus 16 if I had opted for the full cast deal. I would recommend you drill the doc to make sure everything is ok.
Read up on Bone Meal andcoonass
Jan 13, 2003 5:38 PM has the minerals (Calcium and Phosphorous in the same ratio as found in the human body; 2:1 and the Dolomite is a natural limestone that has 2:1 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium) that your body is craving in 'overtime'; more so for a female.....I'll bet you a Litespeed that he hasn't said one word about it..[if it's not mfg'd by Pfizer, UpJohns, Parke-Davis, it has to be witchcraft]..I broke my Fib 2 years ago, clean fracture all the way through; only wore the removable, velcro shin supports and was on my bike (with his permission) in 8 weeks...he was planning to take my crutches away and let me use a cane, but said that I could ride that night and not to get gung-ho....(as I was leaving, he mentioned that there were supplements that I could have been taking during this period; as he mentioned the (above minerals) I replied that I had already been taking them.....sipping a blend of mineral water and Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar also helped (no need to comment, but it worked :))