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anyone every heard of a baby hurt in a trailer?(24 posts)

anyone every heard of a baby hurt in a trailer?DougSloan
Jan 12, 2003 7:04 PM
Looking into these things again. I'd like to know whether anyone has ever heard of a baby/child hurt in one of these baby trailers, whether it be bike accident, turning over, run into by a car, anything.


re: anyone every heard of a baby hurt in a trailer?rwbadley
Jan 12, 2003 7:20 PM
I once was on a group ride with one of the guys towing a trailer with his two year old inside.

He took an off camber turn too hot, and the trailer flipped on its side. He managed to keep the bike upright and come to a stop. The boy inside was fortunately unharmed, just crying from fear. The only damage done was a severely bent rear wheel. It could have been worse.

The trailers are quite stable, and I am sure this would not have happened if the rider had been a bit more sensible.

I would recommend the occupant of a bike trailer to always wear a helmet, and to be old enough to hold his head up.

I do think a trailer is better than the bike seats I've seen attached to the bike like a rack.

So much for dropping the kid on their headPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Jan 12, 2003 9:01 PM
They just roll the trailer instead!

Kids friend: Were you dropped on your head as a child?

Kid: No but my mommy told me a story where my dad was &%^#ing dumb and rolled me while I was inside a trailer behind his dumb bike. She was mad... she made him stop wasting his money and quit biking after that.
Trailer in a group ride???!!!!!Alexx
Jan 13, 2003 4:29 AM
What kind of idiot would do such a thing? In fact, what kind of idiot would allow a trailer on a group ride??

Our club is quite clear on the subject-NO TRAILERS ON RIDES! Afew people will pull bob's on long tours, but never on a road ride.

Just in case there might be somebody that hasn't heard yet, a baby under probably 1 year of age could DIE from being bounced around too much. And, yes, I've heard of people actually trying to pull their newborn around in one of these contraptions......
I saw a rollover, too. Nobody hurt, worked fine. But...retro
Jan 12, 2003 8:32 PM
Obviously it CAN happen--if you get hit by a car, nothing's going to save you. But a lot of that is under your control (you're going to be riding mostly back streets, right?). FWIW, I was riding behind a friend when he hit a patch of gravel. Saved the bike, but the trailer slid sideways, hit a curb and flipped over. Protected his two (helmeted, belted-in) kids fine. From where I sat, the accident looked completely avoidable and was his fault.
re: anyone every heard of a baby hurt in a trailer?gtx
Jan 12, 2003 9:00 PM
Never heard of it, but I'd only take one on a bike path, not on a road with cars. Not to be morbid, but when you get hit by a car on a bike you are usually thrown, but a car would go right over one of those things. I'd probably tow it with a mtb, too. My $.01.
Jan 13, 2003 6:41 AM
I'm considering this behind a Bianchi Milano (fat tires) on a pool table smooth enclosed gated neighborhood that has one entrance and about a 1/2 mile loop. The kid can not only hold his head up, he bounces himself all over the place while playing, is nearly walking, and a little moose. I have a helmet that fits him, and these trailers have built in roll cages and a big flag sticking up.

I mainly wanted to find out if anyone has ever heard of a baby getting hurt in one. While it's obvious that a car could go right over one, if it's never actually happened (much less in the type of area I'm thinking of riding in), that's at least one consideration.

I'd never, ever think of using one on a group ride; I have hard enough time keeping up without an anchor out back! :-)

They have a speed limit of 15 mph (my Burley does, anyway),bill
Jan 13, 2003 8:59 AM
which is a bit conservative, but I think that the limit may be more about the jostling than it is about stability. They're pretty damn stable below 20 mph, and if you rolled one, well, you were going way faster than 15, I'd say.
My kids get a little irritable after being in the thing for awhile, which I think may be because of both the bumping as well as the relative isolation. You want to think that you're hanging with your kid, but the truth is you sort of have to shout to communicate and after a while they stop trying and either scream to get out or go to sleep.
About 45 mins is the longest we've had a peaceful ride.
Jan 13, 2003 9:06 AM
On the Milano (up-right, fat tires, internal gear hub), 15 mph is working pretty hard, even on flat ground. I'd guess the trailer has to drag you down at least 1 mph, wouldn't you guess? Doubt I'll be doing anywhere close to 20.


Not that I'd recommend it, but...ColnagoFE
Jan 13, 2003 9:44 AM
I've gone way faster on a straight downhill with one before and used to routinely cruise at 20-21 while attached to my road bike. They seem to trail pretty well.
re: agree 100%cyclopathic
Jan 13, 2003 12:05 PM
hard to imagine a kid to survive: trailers're even lower then compact car bumpers /talk about SUV's/.

The idea of taking one on road never crossed my mind. I only use mine in neighborhood/MUTS in good visibility/no traffic. With dogs, roller bladers, etc MUTS can be hazardous too. Took a few times off on gravel path/fireroad and kids quite enjoyed it.
Don't try this at home.offcamber
Jan 12, 2003 11:02 PM
My daughter loves her trailer but when I bought it four years ago I was a bit concerned about putting my her in it. To torcher test it I convinced my brother (10 years old at the time) who was about 80lbs to go for a ride in it. It has a 100lb weight limit. I hitched him to my mtn bike and rode him down 6 steps in a near by parking lot. The trailer stood up to the test just fine, my brother was a little irratated but thats what brothers are for right? I agree that it was a stupid thing to do, but I trust my trailer now.

The rider does need to watch for potholes for the wider wheelbase, gravel and sharp corners to give their child a enjoyable ride.
Damn, that's mean...biknben
Jan 13, 2003 4:58 AM
I admit I was mean to my younger brother, but not that bad.

Risks, Consequences & RewardsKeeponTrekkin
Jan 13, 2003 6:19 AM
My wife was firmly opposed to a trailer because of the (irrational?) "flattened by a car" fear. We acquired a hand me down bike seat which I used a few times. After about a 4 rides around the neighborhood, my daughter got so bored with looking at my back, that she began to play with the pockets on my jersey and their contents. That was about when the "I could'a had a V-8" moment struck; there just wasn't much in my favorite activity for her.

Finally, I decided that while I believed the risks to her to be small, the consequences of riding on the road were potentially grave, not justifying any reward. In her case, the rewards were just about nil anyway, so we retired the baby seat.

She's now old enough to ride her own bike and I got her one at the local church fair/auction last summer, a pink Schwinn with 12" wheels, training wheels and streamers on the handgrips - a little girl's dream bike. IT'S HEAVIER THAN MY ROAD BIKE! I could hardly believe it. But she loves it, especially the streamers.

So far, the only father & daughter sport that has become a regular activity for us is swimming. I took her to the "Y" for the water familiarization courses before she turned 2 and we haven't looked back. She goes for her weekly swim lesson and I get a free trip to the "Y".

Good luck with the little one. BTW, enjoyed your holiday pictures; thanks for posting them.
Jan 13, 2003 6:44 AM
Luke absolutely loves getting out of the house and going in the car or the stroller; I've even tried a little jogging with the stroller (it has suspension), and he seems to enjoy it. This may be as entertaining for him as for me.

On this 1/2 mile enclosed loop in my neighborhood, it's pretty easy to quit if he's unhappy, as we pass our house every time around.


Practice quick stops!dzrider
Jan 13, 2003 6:22 AM
You may be surprised how much harder it is to stop your bike quickly with a trailer on the back. I used one with my boys with no incidents or injuries. As they got bigger, 80 lbs combined) I had to use flat bars with long mtb levers to feel certain that I could stop quickly if I had to.
good thoughtDougSloan
Jan 13, 2003 6:46 AM
This would be with a Milano with 2 inch slick tires,v-brakes, and long wheel base. Doesn't get much better than that. Good point.


I've used it with a number of bikesColnagoFE
Jan 13, 2003 7:40 AM
I've got a Burley solo (for one kid instead of the wider 2 kid version you see most of the time). I've used it with my Bianchi road bike, my beater Panasonic MTB, as well as my Dyno cruiser with coaster brakes. If you ride sensibly you'll be fine. Coaster brakes require a bit more forethought than the cantis though.
I'm sure it has happenedColnagoFE
Jan 13, 2003 7:35 AM
But I've never heard of it. Probably because most of the people that use these only take 'em on the bike path and not a crowded roadway. I used to ride with my first kid all over the place. They usually just go to sleep so you can get an hour or two in if you want. I mostly cruise around town with it these days--no distance or major road riding, but it can be done.
Safety is up to you...PT
Jan 13, 2003 8:03 AM
We have well in excess of two thousand miles on our Burley trailer, having used it with two kids. We live in a small Wyoming town (well, they're all small towns in Wyoming) and don't really have to deal with traffic so have no more reason than normal to worry about getting hit. We have had the wind blow an empty trailer over, but if it's loaded we've never tipped it. Absolutely the best $300 we've ever spent -- saved us from buying a second car... We strapped a childs safety seat into it and then put the kid into it with a helmet, but not until they were about 8 months old. I don't know why the shaking of a trailer on the road should be any worse than the shaking of a bubba truck at idle at a stop sign...
No...The Burley Is Stoutly ConstructedGregory Taylor
Jan 13, 2003 9:40 AM
We used a Burley Trailer with our son, with a very good safety record. Helmets on, kid strapped in snugly, red safety pennant flying, and Dad taking it easy always worked well. We did flip the thing once, going around a corner (clipped a curb) and got it upside down. The little booger was hanging there dangling from his straps, grinning. He thought it was cool.

We graduated from the trailer to an Adams Trail-a-Bike when my son was 4. What a nice bit of gear. The kid loved it, and it got his balance honed in. He was riding a two-wheeler without training wheels before he was 5.
Haven't heard of any serious incidents.djg
Jan 13, 2003 10:10 AM
I have heard pediatricians caution that the child should be old enough, but once you've cleared that hurdle a decent trailer, with a 5-point harness for the little one, and a helmet, should be pretty safe, AS LONG AS you stick to your plan of riding places that are safe to ride. There's just no way I'd take a kid out in traffic. I've had way too many occasions where cars cut things way to close to me, when I'm on the road, up in their field of vision--expecting them to gauge the edges of a trailer that sits below door height seems nuts to me.

When my daughter was about 3 she learned that, by biding her time and waiting for the right conditions, and throwing her weight just so, she could sometimes get the back of the trailer to dip and scrape the pavement of the MUT. She liked that, and my consternation. But she never did get the thing to tip over. Now she has a trail-a-bike and is more concerned with staying up than with seeing if she can get it to tip.
Jan 13, 2003 10:16 AM
back when I was researching this, I found a website (now gone to the great bit-bucket in the sky) that claimed there were not enough records of accidents to kids in either trailers or bike seats, to make any statistically significant observations. The only serious injuries recorded happened when bikes fell over while standing, with kids in bike seats. I've ridden many miles on trails with my kids in a trailer, never had nor heard of any kind of problem. But then I ride very cautiously, and don't go on roads with the trailer.
One in IlliniosKristin
Jan 13, 2003 10:17 AM
About 5 years ago, I guess. A mother was towing her 2 year old in a trailer on a bike path when a drunk driver came around the corner two fast, went up onto the curb and hit the trailer. Sadly, the child died. It happened up in the Northbrook area somewhere along their MUT network.