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Rear wheel keeps flatting out.....(7 posts)

Rear wheel keeps flatting out.....Brian T
Jan 12, 2003 2:38 AM
I must be doing something wrong here: I changed to some aero wheels some time ago, and ever since, my rear seems like it can't stop getting flats. They're Rolf wheels, and I was running 700x20 tires at first, so I thought that was the problem. But, after changing to 23c tires, it kept flatting. I retired it to the basement last night, and, this morning, was met with another flat in the back. Any ideas as to what's going on here? I've noticed the rear is a little "unstable" on the road lately, too.
re: Rear wheel keeps flatting out.....JL
Jan 12, 2003 5:32 AM
Try checking/changing the rim tape. I had the same problem this past summer. I had let the rim tape go when I had changed tires.

Not sure what you mean by "unstable". If you mean a strong wind makes you feel like your going for a flight then that's my Rolfs too. They seem to be about as aero as a sail. Any really strong crosswinds and I'm holding on for dear life. BTW, I have Rolf Vector Comps. Hope you find the source of your f***s.

What does the tube tell you?Look381i
Jan 12, 2003 5:45 AM
If it's leaking at the base of the valve, you might have a sharp edge in the rim hole. If it's along the tube seam, you might have a bad batch of tubes (that's happened to me). Of course, snakebites mean you have been underinflated. If the leaks are more randomly placed, as the other poster suggests, you could have a spoke head/tape problem.

If you find a smakebite, don't stop looking. Repair those and see if there is another leak as well.
Analyze the problem.Spoke Wrench
Jan 12, 2003 6:06 AM
Repeated flats mean that something is wrong with your bike. If you don't figure it out and solve the problem, you are doomed to continuing flats.

Take your flat innertube, inflate it, and see where it is leaking. Since you have just changed wheels, I'm betting it's leaking on the inner circumference. That's usually caused by rim tape that doesn't quite cover one of the spoke holes. If you have one of those hard, plastic rim strips, think up something appropriately creative to do to it and replace it with Velox or something similar.

Repeated puncture holes on the outer circumference of the inner tube mean you have a little piece of glass or something stuck in your tire. I've had a couple of cases where I was unable to find the offending sharp and had to scrap the tire.
check your rim strip, look for nics in rimbenja15
Jan 12, 2003 8:43 AM
make sure there are not any protruding spokes through your rim stip- if there are replace the strip. If the spokes are really sharp sand them smooth with some high grain sandpaper. Also, check your rim for any rough abrasions which should also be sanded smooth. Otherwise, make sure you check your tire for thorns, and make sure you do not pinch your tube when you put it in-use baby powder if you must.
A little bit more on the rim tape...retro
Jan 12, 2003 8:27 PM
When you look at it, check it very carefully. I had a similar problem last summer--holes in the rim side of the tube, so I knew it had to be something on that side. Even so, I checked it two or three times before I spotted the tiniest little slice of spoke hole uncovered by tape. It was almost invisible, but apparently the pressure was enough to slide the tape over.
Just had a very similar problemjoekm
Jan 13, 2003 8:18 AM
In my case the rear tube was also losing pressure in a slow leak. I eventually traced the problem to a temporary patch on the tire. I cut the sidewall of a relatively new Conti GP 3000 and fixed it with one of those Park sidewall patches. I hated to throw away the tire so I figured I'd just spin in on the rollers in the off season. Well, in the course of taking my bike from home to work one very cold day, the plastic patch cracked enough to from an abrasion point that would wear down my inner tube causing a slow leak but not a blow out. I replace the GP 3000 with my emergency spare (old Hutchinson Carbon comp) and the problem went away.

I would check not only your rim, rim strip, etc., but also the tire itself for damage that may be abraiding the tube.

...hope this helps,