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Misc questions on indoor training(2 posts)

Misc questions on indoor trainingsuperdog
Jan 11, 2003 7:06 PM
1) While I was riding the trainer this evening I noticed my frame (around the bottom bracket) flexes a lot when under medium to high pedaling pressure. My frame is an OCLV. I don't recall seeing my frame flex like this while riding on the road. Can anyone coment on frame flex while using a trainer?

2) Has anyone moved their wireless cyclometer transmitter to the back tire so the computer would work while on a trainer stand?

3) Is there a "budget minded" resistance unit that provides an actual wattage readout?
re: Misc questions on indoor trainingupandcomer
Jan 12, 2003 11:22 AM
I also have an OCLV and notice the same BB flex you mention. I also noticed the flex on my aluminum specialized Allez. Don't worry about it, it happens on all frames. The reason it's so noticable is because the rear wheel is fixed and the only area free to move is the BB.
I haven't tried moving my wireless comp. to the back because it doesn't have that kind of range. If you really want to see speed you might have to purchase another computer that measures rear wheel speed (that might be difficult). Also the speed of the rear wheel might not tell you much as your trainer probably isn't 100% realistic (esp. if it's a mag. trainer).
I don't think budget and wattage go together. Sorry. You might be able to find a used computrainer or powertap that's cheaper than brand new though.