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Stage wins and finishing the Tour(3 posts)

Stage wins and finishing the TourPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Jan 11, 2003 10:38 AM
If the TdF organizers are so adamant on having people like Cipo out of the Tour since they win stages but don't finish then why not do something proactive about it. Basically, make a new rule that says stage wins do not count unless you finish the Tour. This way you'd have one more of the world's top road sprinters in the race stirring stuff up in the sprints.

Then in case of (actual and very serious) illness or something like crashing have a loophole where you can have a favourable exit from the Tour where your in good standing with the organizers and keep your wins or unfavourable where you lose them and it is given to 2nd place on that day.

My 2 cents,
re: Stage wins and finishing the Tourtao
Jan 11, 2003 10:58 AM
Jean Marie whoever isn't adamant about leaving Cipo out of the Tour as you suggest. Neither does he have anything against sprinters, as you seem to think. What he's interested in is having as many French teams as possible in le Tour. When he gets called on this, instead of admitting it, he offers some lame excuses to justify including a few second rate teams. But don't fool yourself into believing them, if Cipo was riding on a French team, 50 years old, and hadn't won a stage in 5 years his team would still be selected!
oh godcollinsc
Jan 11, 2003 11:13 AM
just what the tour needs. more subjective judgements. more loopholes.

how do you determine who is really ill? how do you determine the fault of the crash?

not wanting to accuse anyone of this sort of stuff, but it would really be all to easy to fake a stomach virus, or a crash into a ditch.

oh gee, i crashed into a ditch the last day before the mountain stages, it set me back inordinate amounts of time, and while laying there in the cold, damp, dreadful ditch i happened to catch a wicked flu. sorry but i just cant continue this year!

no, bad idea nick. and im not so sure you want more of the 'world's top road sprinters' in the Tour. the race was pretty interesting with mcewen and zabel, adding cipo would really be just like adding the armstrong of sprinting. im sure you remember what happened in the Giro.

oh, look at that, Cipo wins again, by a lot. oh wait, time for the mountains, see ya later Re Leone!