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locks(6 posts)

Jan 11, 2003 6:04 AM
which locks do you guys like- the new york u thing or the handcuff thing for hybid and /or road- thanks
So where are you locking your bike?Spoke Wrench
Jan 11, 2003 6:25 AM
The first lock that you put onto your bike, however cheesy, is about 90% effective. That's because it makes it necessary for the thief to bring a tool to steel your bike.

As you go from 90% to 99.9% effectiveness, you engage in a progressive game of one-upmanship with the thief in which cost, weight and bulkyness gradually increase for both of you. In the end, you will always lose. People find ways to break into bank vaults. Also, a lock that is out of character with the surroundings marks your bike as being the one most worthy of stealing. A really nice bike in a college campus bicycle storage room is toast.

Match your lock to the value of your bike and to your perceived degree of risk of the area where you are leaving it.
Excellent Reply SpokewrenchRCA
Jan 11, 2003 7:45 AM
A kid who needs a ride home will take the easiest ride he can get.But a bike napper with a hammer and nitrogen is looking for the high end components. Where you lock your bike is as important as to how you lock it.
A fairly lightweight padlock and cable ...Humma Hah
Jan 11, 2003 10:54 AM
... but I need it only for quick stops. Such a lock would hold up against bolt-cutters for about half a second.

If you have to lock a bike outside, especially at the same location every day, a really secure, indestructable lock like one of those un-obtanium U-locks is worthwhile. A theif who knows to expect a lightly-locked and nice bike will be parked at a particular location can come back at his convenience with bolt cutters or a hacksaw and defeat all but the sturdiest locks. However, it is a shame to haul a lock that weighs as much as your bike around all the time.

For a quick stop, maybe a bathroom break or a stop at a convenience store, my kind of lock is adequate. You'll be back before the theif is likely to get back with bolt cutters. You're mainly stopping ride-off theft.
However...Trent in WA
Jan 11, 2003 11:21 AM
If you're parking your bike at the same spot daily, you can just leave your U-lock there (locked, of course) and, if you're truly worried, tote a cable lock with the bike and use both in combination. That's Sheldon Brown's recommendation at Cutting both a U- and a cable lock requires a would-be crook to carry two heavy tools around, so you'll be safe against anybody but a determined, professional thief.

Yup ...Humma Hah
Jan 11, 2003 12:25 PM
Something I noticed in New York City last year: an awful lot of beater bikes, average value about $50, carrying around Kryponite locks worth 2-4x as much as the bike! Its a good thing the locks only work with a key, or I'd expect the theives to be stealing the LOCKS and leaving the bikes!

Yes, leaving the lock at your regular destination is sometimes an option, but that means having a lightweight lock to carry to other destinations may still be worthwhile. In my case, my workplace is plenty secure and I can park the bike inside both at work and at home, the best solution. This was NOT the case in my earlier years on this bike, when it lived outdoors for over 7 years, and I carried a heavy padlock and chain to secure it.