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Are tri bike sizes the same as road bikes?(3 posts)

Are tri bike sizes the same as road bikes?skippy pinfish
Jan 10, 2003 4:27 PM
Looking to build a tri bike and was wondering if the size of the frame changes compared to my trek(58 cm)? Or should the frame size be a little smaller to get in a more tucked position? Thanks Skippy
re: depends...Akirasho
Jan 10, 2003 4:43 PM

Take a look at some of the topics here and try to determine what geometry and position will best suit your needs (there are different skools of thought depending on personal variables). A true TT/Tri geometry bike is a somewhat specialized piece of equipment... and depending on your race venue (length, terrain and route) you might be better served by road geometry... or a road bike modified for Tri.

Be the bike.
re: Are tri bike sizes the same as road bikes?pa rider
Jan 10, 2003 5:59 PM
I know some people on this board will give you some good advice. I thought i give you some wisdom on the tri bike question. My road bike club has a few riders on them for racing. I do a few centuries where you meet a few tri racers riding on them.

The seat and head angle are completely different than road bikes. If you plan on doing tri races and want to use the bike for training, go for it. I would not build up a tri bike and ride it on the road as a everyday bike.

We had one guy last year ride with the fast group, but when they hit the big hills he would die and have a hard time catching back up with the group. The local LBS sold him the bike real cheap (get this Cannondale bike off his show floor) and now he wants to buy a road bike so the rides with the fast group are easy.

I think the guy use to races as a runner and thought the bike could work for all his road riding. I'm not knocking tri bikes, but they seem to be great in the flats where you can crank out some good speed. We have some rolling hills and they seem to not have the best gearing for the rider.

Biggest thing I see is your more forward on the bike and use different leg muscles. Some tri guys never have problems being that far forward, but I would be screaming about my knees hurting.

Just my 2 cents. If you like to ride a tri bike go ahead. I'll still say hi to you on the road if I see you.