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Anybody Order From Cambria Bike? (mini-rant)(10 posts)

Anybody Order From Cambria Bike? (mini-rant)Roadrunner25
Jan 8, 2003 9:04 PM
I place my first order with them last week, order placed on Jan. 2nd, received today Jan 9th and I paid for 2nd day shipment.

The packing used in the box was used shipping envelopes and floor sweepings. Best of all they sent the wrong part. The invoice even matched the part they sent, but sadly it was not what I had ordered. They must have decided to change it. They were out of the part I wanted, so I guess they decided on a suprise substitution.

When I called, I got a rather cavalier attitude, no apology at all.

Well, back it goes and I drop them from my favorites folder.

Anybody else have good or bad experiences with them?
re: Anybody Order From Cambria Bike? (mini-rant)EW
Jan 8, 2003 11:01 PM
Have ordered twice from there. Both times items were substitutes from what I had ordered and didn't match the original order. The second time, my "new" parts were the prior generation version and not in a box, but in plastic bags and were scuffed. The first order was rectified after calling and waiting about 2 weeks, the second is still in progress. They have good sale prices, but I have had less than positive experiences.
re: Anybody Order From Cambria Bike? (mini-rant)REPO42
Jan 8, 2003 11:16 PM
If you are in the area, you can usully get a good deal on parts. I would not recommend ordering via online or telephone. Customer service sucks...........I bought a rockshock seatpost and needed a shim for my frame diameter, they took all my info down told me they would mail it to me, well one year later.....I aint got it..........
re: Anybody Order From Cambria Bike? (mini-rant)Suds
Jan 9, 2003 4:06 AM
Similar experience this summer.
Be persistant with them on the phone and insist that they refund the shipping costs as well - they will - it just takes a fair amount of prodding.
Bad experience(s)burdiman
Jan 9, 2003 7:16 AM
I have tried ordering from them twice. Both times the items were "out of stock" and took weeks to receive. In one instance the part was a substitute. Had no idea this had happened to other people. I don't order from them and when friends ask about online ordering I advise they steer clear.
I've had good luck with them...Quack
Jan 9, 2003 8:05 AM
I've ordered from them maybe five times and have yet to have a disappointing experience that wasn't my own fault. Shipping does seem to be a little slow though and the packaging is definitely used as a way for them to cut their trash bill. If you need old parts cheap (rims, hubs, fork barces, etc.), they seem to have the best prices and availability. I haven't purchased many current model products from them though.
I've had bad luck with just about all of them....DINOSAUR
Jan 9, 2003 9:36 AM
I've just about given up on ordering stuff over the internet for my bikes. Sure- the prices are great, but there is no guarantee that it will be in stock (no matter what they say) and it will be shipped to you in a timely manner. I've started to do my purchasing again from my LBS, who coincidentailly is Cambria Bicycle Outfitters, in Auburn Ca (the catalog ordering comes from a different place)...however my experience is when catalog places screw up, they make good..there is a disadvantage that comes when order stuff over the internet. I think part of the fun is the anticipation to wait and see if the order actually shows up, and what is in the shipping package...there is a price you pay for everything...
re:Mail order buyingfarmerfrank
Jan 9, 2003 10:09 AM
Nashbar and Performance used to advertise stuff at great prices only to find out that the item is "out of stock."
I've had good experiences with Excell and CC but I haven't bought anyting from Cambria. Mail order companies are great as long as you know what you want and you get what you ordered. They want to sell but customer service can sometimes be a pain...Shipping stuff back is always time consuming. The net gives the consumer an accurate idea what "market prices" are. LBS's are shocked sometimes what you tell them but they often will meet prices or come close if they want the biz. A good relationship with a local LBS is a good way to go.
I've had good luck with them.the other Tim
Jan 9, 2003 10:14 AM
They are a little slow, both with shipping and customer service, but they have always come through for me. Excel and Performance are much faster, but they don't stock all of the same parts that CBO does (especially MTB stuff). Yes, the 2nd-day shipping that starts two days after you place the order is a little annoying. If I want something tomorrow, I go to Excel.

I've been to local Performance stores as well as CBO. The difference is remarkable. Performance has no stock (except for a million of one or two items), and is staffed by kids who like bikes. CBO has tons of stock, including many items not in their catalog, and the people working their really know their stuff. I have also found great deals on their website, and even better deals in their stores.

Excel, of course, is untouchable. CC is not worth looking at (IMO).
typical: they have too many slackers and wankers nmsprockets2
Jan 9, 2003 1:47 PM