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Weird training idea.......(4 posts)

Weird training idea.......aliensporebomb
Jan 7, 2003 8:57 PM
I was on the trainer tonight and got an idea....if I want to
watch television I have to do it while on the trainer.

When commercials come on, it's a sign to sprint like a mad fool.

When the show comes back on it's time for either big-ring long
slow distance type riding or slightly faster small-ring stuff.

I just got myself the trainer and the Carmichael climbing video is fun but I just found a new activity so I can catch
up on some TV while getting my bod in shape.

Anyone else do this?
re: Weird training idea.......morency
Jan 8, 2003 3:53 AM
whenever there is a race live on TV, you can find me on the trainer. Whenever someone is atacking, I start sprinting too. Weird but fun.
In your case, whenever the commercials are done, start zapping.
Old idea based on the football gameKerry
Jan 8, 2003 4:55 PM
This concept has been around a long time, the first time I heard it was tied to football - spin during commercials and timeouts, sprint while the play clock was running. Same idea as yours in that you spend most of the time spinning and some small fraction of the time sprinting. Given something like 15 minutes of commercials per hour, your approach may yield more sprinting than most people can handle!
The Lazy man's TV training programmickey-mac
Jan 8, 2003 5:17 PM
I've been thinking about setting up the rollers in front of the TV. Any time the dialogue is inane, I will spin in a very small gear with my heart rate at about 80 bpm. I will sprint when quality writing or intelligent dialogue is displayed. The way I figure it, I'll gain 40 pounds by February.