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Long-finger gloves for BIG hands???(3 posts)

Long-finger gloves for BIG hands???snojcb
Jan 7, 2003 4:43 PM
For the past three winters I've tried to find long-fingered gloves that fit my hands. I now have a nice collection of inadequate gloves. Anyone else out there have problems finding full-fingered gloves (cold weather gloves) that fit? What brand/size gloves do you use?

The problem I have is that my fingers are longer than the gloves allow for. If I spread my hand out as wide as it will go, it spans 10 inches from pinky tip to thumb tip. If I stick a ruler between my middle finger and my ring finger the middle finger measures 4 inches in length. I don't think my hands are outrageously large - I don't understand why it's so hard to find gloves that fit.

Can anyone recommend some cold weather (30-50 degrees) gloves for hands this size???

Thanks in advance!
J. C.
I have the same problemmadstork
Jan 8, 2003 5:43 AM
I measured my hand like you did, and found that I'm within 1/16" of your measurements. Not outrageously large like you said, but definitely larger than the norm!

I've found that many XL gloves have adequate width, but the fingers are too short when holding the bars. I think this leads to the same problem as shoes that are too tight for winter riding - decreased circulation and resultant cold digits. I don't have any great suggestions, but I'll tell you what I'm currently using.

For 20-45 degrees, I found a pair of XXL PI gloves on closeout 2 years ago. I think at or This size has given me just a bit more length and allows me to be more comfortable. I've survived rides down to 20 with these, but they get too warm for me above 45. I add polypro liners for the below freezing temps.

For 45-60 degrees, I use a pair of Specialized gloves (XL) from my lbs. Don't know the model, but they are lightly insulated with a long cuff. These seem to fit as well as the PI XXL, so maybe this is a brand you could check.
Exactly the same size, and I can wear almost any XLscory
Jan 8, 2003 8:52 AM
Your fingers may be fatter (sorry--I mean "more muscular"), but my span is exactly 10 inches and my signalling finger exactly 4, and I can wear almost any XL glove from REI and most other places. Only ones that don't work are heavy-duty ski gloves--I think they must use a standard size shell and jam more insulation in, so the interior space is reduced.
I just bought a pair of windproof fleece cross-country ski gloves at REI for about 18 bucks that I like quite a bit. Sorry I don't have them with me to give you the model.