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riding in Nevada/LV(3 posts)

riding in Nevada/LVDuane Gran
Jan 7, 2003 7:09 AM
I will be visiting Las Vegas for business in early March and I would like to take a week of vacation while I'm there. I've never been to the southwest, so I'm thinking of renting a car and seeing the sights and doing some good bike riding. I live in the mid-atantic (Washington DC). Although the winter is mild, I'm itching for some warm weather riding.

If someone lives around there, or knows the area, would you mind telling me of a few "must see" things on and off the bike? I'm particularly fond of cylcing in the mountains. I expect to be there March 5-11, which includes a weekend. If there is a good group bike ride I would be interested to hear about it too.

Many thanks in advance!
re: riding in Nevada/LVtrout_bum
Jan 7, 2003 8:21 AM
Several years ago (~1995) I rode across Death Valley, with a coworker. It was march or april-I can't remember. We did about 50mi and I don't remember the exact route-but it was spectacular. I know we rode from one park entrance to another, at a fairly leisurely pace, ride ended with a long gradual climb. We had a friend drop us off, and meet us at the end. Temps were hot ~90s -but it was a dry heat! I'm sure you can find info about routes on the web.
PS-If you're a rock climber nearby Red Rocks is about 20mins from Las Vegas-but also has a beautiful scenic drive you can ride-although it is a short loop 15mi or so.
The basic Las Vegas ride...retro
Jan 7, 2003 8:37 AM
The basic Las Vegas ride is out to Red Rock Canyon, then around the scenic loop and back to town. Used to be nearly 40 miles, but the city has just about engulfed it. Still, it's a nice cross-section of desert scenery and you may see some wild (well, feral) burros.
At first glance at the map, it looks like Charleston Blvd runs out there, but that's really busy. One of the streets to the south (Spring Mountain is the main one, I think) is much nicer. In any case, get a NEW map--the city's growing so fast that they go out of date two or three times a year.