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A problem with speedplay question.(3 posts)

A problem with speedplay question.ol
Jan 6, 2003 7:54 PM
Happy new year to all the RBR guys!
I just have a question regarding speedplay zero pedals. Mine are used with Shimano 214 carbon sole shoes. When I am riding on occasions,particularly when the weather is hot I get burning and aching like sensations on the sole of my foot.
The position of the cleat is such that the ball of the foot is in line with the axle. I rode look pedals for 10 years and never had this sort of problem so I am not exactly sure what I should do.
Advice welcome.
re: A problem with speedplay question.wookieontherun
Jan 6, 2003 8:56 PM
My guess is this has to do with the cleat position on your shoe. I ride with the same exact setup and dont have that problem. Try moving the cleat back a little bit and see how the ride changes. Also try tightening down your float a bit... that might help. There are lots of combos to be had on those pedals.
re: A problem with speedplay question.legs
Jan 7, 2003 10:40 AM
typically on long hot rides.. one's feet swell...
and swollen feet can become more sensitive in a superstiff shoe...
I am sure having some superfeet orthotics might add to the comfort factor (it helps keep the foot in even contact with the bed of the shoe) as well as wearing thin socks and loosening those buckles up on hot days...