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Need help renting a road bike in Ventura County/So. Calif(8 posts)

Need help renting a road bike in Ventura County/So. CalifHelix
Jan 6, 2003 5:48 PM
I will be in Ventura Calif for a five day meeting later this month. It's a welcome change from winter in Toronto and I will have the afternoons free to get in some reasonable miles on a bike. However, I just found out that it will cost me $240 to take my own bike with me on United Airlines (US$80 for each segment of a 3-way trip) and I will have to sign a limited liability release absolving UA of any liability for damage, even if the bike is packed in a hard shell case.

I know that there are many who have successfully bluffed their way around the baggage fee, but post 9/11 I don't want to mislead anyone about what's in my baggage. I also don't want to trust UA with my Colnago MXL.

Any suggestions on where to rent a high end road bike for a few days in the Ventura/Oxnard Area? Alternatively, I'm flying into Burbank and could rent a bike somewhere in the Valley.

Thanks in advance.

re: Need help renting a road bike in Ventura County/So. Califmickey-mac
Jan 6, 2003 6:52 PM
I don't know any places in the Ventura/LA area that rent road bikes. However, Ventura is a good area for road riding. One route you may want to consider is working your way to Camarillo and then taking Santa Rosa Road over the Norwegian Grade to Moorpark Road. You can then take Moorpark down into Thousand Oaks and work your way over to Westlake Boulevard. Turning right on Westlake, you can work your way over to the Lake Sherwood/Hidden Valley area. Get to Portrero Road and have a blast descending the rollercoaster ride that leads back down to Camarillo. From there, you can head back north to Ventura. Ventura County is developing quickly, but you'll still find many wide-open roads in agricultural areas with nice scenery and few cars. Someone else may have a lead on road bike rentals, but if it comes down to it spend the $240 and bring your bike.
re: Need help renting a road bike in Ventura County/So. CalifRubiks_Manuever
Jan 6, 2003 10:10 PM
The ride from Ventura up to Santa Barbara and back is awesome too--all coastal paths. There's a great bike shop on state street in SB that I think I remember rents bikes--haven't been there in years. Have fun!
Lake Casitas LoopGregJ
Jan 7, 2003 7:22 AM
I would advise turning the coast ride into a loop. Take the paths and roads available up the Ventura River to Lake Casitas and then get on 150 and go over the climbs of Casitas pass to the coast then either into Santa Barbara on Gobernader Canyon and 192 or go back down the coast to Ventura. Have fun, the weather here has been fabulous for January ths year.
re: Need help renting a road bike in Ventura County/So. CalifGuidosan
Jan 7, 2003 5:35 AM
Well I never rented in the area, but here are a few of the LBS that may help you out:

Sundance Cycles (Agoura Hills) 818-991-9103
Westlake Cyclery (Westlake village) 805-497-3030
Newbury Park Bicycles (Newbury Park) 805-498-7714

I have no idea if these places will rent the type of bike you are interested in, but it's a shot. If you are on a business trip, could your company pay for half of the shipping? It may be easier to work out a deal with you company.
Good luck and enjoy So. Cal.
If you ride a 58cm, I might rent you mine...Breakfast
Jan 7, 2003 7:49 AM
...I've got a second bike that you might rent. I'm in the area.

If interested, reply here.
o ya one more thingRubiks_Manuever
Jan 7, 2003 10:52 PM
don't forget to stop in at santa barbara roasting company if you make it up to santa barabara--the local cyclists clop their cleat around there on the weekend mornings and eat nice bagels and danishes and great coffee--they got a five dollar cup o joe from africa for ya. It's close to the beach and a really cool spot. Good music and artwork.
re: Need help renting a road bike in Ventura County/So. Califmapei boy
Jan 8, 2003 3:21 PM
I believe that Bicycle John's in Burbank, a mile or two south of the airport on Hollywood Way, rents high-end bikes. I know for sure that they rent high-end (Litespeed, etc.) mountain bikes. Give them a call. They are in the 818 area code. And yes, bicycling in Ventura County is pretty derned good.