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Will buy a new bike! Final (geo and Flightdeck) question!(2 posts)

Will buy a new bike! Final (geo and Flightdeck) question!castrello
Jan 6, 2003 9:03 AM
I have finally decided to buy a new bike. The bike that will soon be mine is a 2003 Cannondale R 1000. Mmmm... cant wait to ride it. But before I order it, Ive got some questions.

1. Some of you might remember that Ive been asking some questions on size choice... I have finally decided to go for a size 60 c-t (instead of the 58 I was also thinking of), my old bike is a 58 c-c with a 57 cm TT and a 125 mm stem and the standover and seat tube length is identical on my old bike and the 60 cm caad 7. Im a tall guy, 187 cm tall with a 89 inseam (built like Tafi) and my old bike fits my pretty good. For a while I was a little bit concerned about the 59 cm TT on the cannondale. However, since the caad 7 has a 72.5 degree SA and my old bike has an 73 degree SA I guess a 110 cm stem would put me in the same position as my old bike. I will NOT have the possibility to test ride so my choice is based on comparisons with my old bike, fitting formulas and feed back from people on this forum who also own cannondales and are about my size. Hmm, guess this wasnt really a question, however, some feedback on my choice would be appreciated!

2. Just a few minutes ago I measured my, soon to be, old bike. As I said, I have a 89 cm insem, and my saddle is about 80-80.5 cm high (measured from the center of the bolt on the bottom bracket to top of the saddle). Is this too high? I use Look 357 pedals with John Luck shoes. This seat height also leads to a saddle to top tobe height close to 21 cm. Is this "normal" or "ideal"? I have seen a discussion on this forum about this (but I couldnt find it) and if I remember it right I think someone said (meybe C40?) that 16-19 cm is kinda ideal.

3. Im also getting a Flightdeck 6501 for my bike. The bike has Ultegra shifters (the american model has 105, but Im from Finland, so Im getting the european version). Is all Ultegra shifters found on new bikes compatible with the Flightdeck? What are the differences between the different Flightdecks?

I thank you all in advance for any opinion or feedbeck!
Flight DeckSpoke Wrench
Jan 6, 2003 9:27 AM
Shimano has made several minor changes in their Flight Deck system over the past few years. I think that they made selecting the various head and sensor kits more complicated than it needs to be.

You are going to want SC-6501 Computer head.
and either SM-6501 Wireless bracket & sensor kit
or SM-6500RS Wired bracket & sensor kit.

Those choices give you the gear indicator and virtual cadence functions that are the features that separate Flight Deck from all of the other computers, and some programming improvements like the ability to program more than one tire size into the computer head.