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mercier serpens VS scattante 2003 r-853 road(2 posts)

mercier serpens VS scattante 2003 r-853 roadbike4tennis
Jan 5, 2003 5:42 PM
Which is worse, a bike that looks great aka. Mercier serpens from bikes direct . com or the scattante 2003 r-853 road from super go . com. which looks real bad.
the serpens you can not find any information on, you cant find specs. you probaly cant even prove its reynolds 853 steel and for 1200 plus shipping and other bs . where the super go scattante 2003 r-853 road is cheaper but looks horrible made of 835 reynolds also. but at least it gives you the all the specs you can use for shopping
re: mercier serpens VS scattante 2003 r-853 roadbike4tennis
Jan 11, 2003 12:21 AM
ok I hve just recieved the 853 from scattante. it looks better with a small bike and not the big guady they show at the supergo site. the frame seems to run a little big for a compact frrame. I normall ride a 52cm regular tri.. but this compact frame fits my future kids just right Im 5'6.5" the 51cm is just right. look for a review from me on this bike in about a week or two. I feel i got a good deal so far. total bike stock no pedals
grand total 1035. sale people constantly call to check up on your happiness. if you plan to buy this bike go for it esecialy if you are on a budgit