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Speedplay X-series maintenance.(8 posts)

Speedplay X-series maintenance.cydswipe
Jan 5, 2003 3:49 PM
I bought a pair of Speedplay X-2's with some Christmas $$. Speedplay recommends a regular greasing, lube. How does everyone do this? Do you have the grease-gun they offer? Is there a simpler alternative? What's the best grease to use? I knew going in I'd have maintenance issues with the pedals. I figure this board would provide simple solutions as usual.
re: Speedplay X-series maintenance.mickey-mac
Jan 5, 2003 3:59 PM
Speedplay sells a grease gun, but Pedro's makes one that's cheaper. The tube of Pedro's grease is sold together with the gun and the gun attaches directly to the tube. It's very easy to use: just remove the grease port screws and inject new lube until the old lube comes out. Wipe off the old grease and replace the screws.
re: Speedplay X-series maintenance.Breakfast
Jan 5, 2003 7:58 PM
Find their website and locate the information on disassembly.

The pedal uses a Torx fastener and can be serviced in a bench vise. I prefer this method of disassembly, cleaning, and re-greasing as it does a better job and you don't need a grease injector or pricey accessory.
re: Speedplay X-series maintenance.dave_w
Jan 5, 2003 4:29 PM
I believe X2's have a plug on the outermost part of the pedal body(off the end of the spindle). Remove squirt in the grease and replace. X3's(have bushings not bearings) have a screw and are supposedly not servicable but you can remove the screw and grease like the X2's you can extend the life of the bushing. Interestingly, speedplay pedals should spin with some "grease" resistance, if they spin freely they need greased!
how bout just squirting my grease directly in to the x2sishmael
Jan 5, 2003 5:16 PM
without any squirting gun tool? Isn't there some way to get around buying the gun?
I don't think soweiwentg
Jan 5, 2003 7:05 PM
as far as I can imagine, the only way you will get grease into the pedal without a gun is if you're a Jedi Knight. there are no Jedi Knights.
if your Speedplays have screws on the caps, you won't need the speedy luber thingies (that sell for $5; bloody rip off). if you don't have screws, you will probably need the damn speedy lubers.
a jedi? no, but never doubt the power of our lord and savior nmishmael
Jan 5, 2003 7:37 PM
The easy way.Chen2
Jan 6, 2003 6:57 AM
My LBS said he will grease customers' Speedplays once a year at no charge. I bought the gun anyway. It is loaded with Phil's waterproof bearing grease, the green stuff. I have the X-1's, my favorite.