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Do any of you gus defend yourselves with something?(28 posts)

Do any of you gus defend yourselves with something?jrm
Jan 5, 2003 12:37 PM
After a run in with some of Oaklands Finest white trash on Friday im thinking of buying a telescopic baton.
I've found that attitude goes a long waymickey-mac
Jan 5, 2003 12:56 PM
I certainly don't consider myself a bad-ass, but I've been riding on the road in southern California for twenty years without any serious incidents with motorists. This may be a vague concept, but riding like you belong on the road seems to help eliminate potential problems with drivers. I've never felt the need to carry anything for protection, but I am always prepared to take my cycling shoes off as soon as an altercation seems likely. Have you ever seen someone trying to fight in road shoes with cleats? Looks sort of like a member of the Bolshoi Ballet trying to defend himself againt a gang of toughs.
I agree, it's all in the 'tudesn69
Jan 5, 2003 1:41 PM
Also having lived in SoCal and now in New Orleans (the home of truly cretenous, anti-bike morons), I've found that riding according to the law and common sense is the best defense. Once that fails, however, a lot of attitude helps, although that's with the caveat to be wary about getting run over. I only confront offending boobs at a stop and then I'm always the first to play "crazy out of control" guy, which usually frightens them enough to back down.
I was bonking and riding in a class 2 bike lane..jrm
Jan 5, 2003 4:15 PM
When two assholes threw a full soda at me. It missed. After saying that the action was focked up, I was then threatened with a beating and the taking of my bike. Im not F-ing around here....

PS: i rode the road in So. Cal (OC) for 5 years and only once was something thrown at me with the intention to do harm. That was on PCH around goldenwest/magnolia.
Damn that sucks...sn69
Jan 5, 2003 5:15 PM if bonking was bad enough. My worst experience to date was on PHC approaching Torrey Pines northbound in San Diego. Not far from the descent, the bike lane has to cross an off ramp for the golf course. It was early on a Sunday morning and there weren't many cars except for one Acura Legend approaching from behind in the distance. I crossed the 20 feet of bike-lane-less asphault and the guy revved his engine and screeched to a stop beside me yelling. I was so instantly amped and enraged--I cost him all of 0.23 seconds--that I made a great cyclocross leaping dismount from my bike and stormed him. Until that moment he was actually getting out his car, but my actions stopped him in his tracks. (Truth be told, I was equally surprised by my's not like me.) I ran up and lunged at him screaming "You're the a-hole in the 1500 pound weapon, what the f is your problem...blah, blah, blah." He hopped back in and tore off looking thoroughly horrified.

The goofy part was that I was extremely ashamed afterwards. Now that I'm in NOLA I'm more reserved, mostly because most of these Frenchie Rednecks are armed. Again, I've found that I solve most problems by not engaging these fools. I let it go. On the rare occassions when I feel threatened, I go on the offensive and I usually also identify myself as a federal officer (which I am, of sorts--Navy). That has solved every "problem."

Still, it's almost always best to turn the other cheek. It does no good to be right when you still end up squashed under some redneck's pick-up.

Safe riding all,
I was bonking and riding in a class 2 bike lane..mickey-mac
Jan 5, 2003 5:42 PM
Funny, I used to ride the area of PCH in OC that you describe on a regular basis. In fact, I grew up in the area and did most of my riding there for the first ten years I rode. I was hassled in OC about 4 or 5 times as much as I have been since moving to L.A. County and riding here for about 10 years. I guess people up here are more used to seeing bizarre stuff and don't consider a guy in spandex taking up a lane to be all that unusual.
re: Do any of you gus defend yourselves with something?fbg111
Jan 5, 2003 12:59 PM
There was some talk on this topic recently:

Alpedhuez55 "Bike stolen while riding?...." 12/26/02 6:30am
DERICK "to frog, or not to frog" 9/26/02 10:16pm
Baton vs. gun? Possible scenario. Think about it.(nm)TREKY
Jan 5, 2003 1:27 PM
Baton vs. bike shoe?Lone Gunman
Jan 5, 2003 1:55 PM
I know of an individual that beat the hell out of a guy (drunk) with a bike shoe after spraying him with dog pepper spray. Think about it, hold the spray can being your back, coax the guy in close with conversation, spray his silly head and then beat it to a pulp with a carbon fiber soled shoe with a cleat on it. On top of that, take his car keys away from him while he is collecting his wits and make your escape then toss the keys into the nearest storm sewer. Call the police and file your report of being assaulted. Now what cop is going to believe that this guy got rolled by a sissy in spandex?
speed nmDougSloan
Jan 5, 2003 1:58 PM
pepper sprayDaveG
Jan 5, 2003 2:08 PM
I always carry pepper spray with me, for protection from people and dogs. I feel very fortunate that I have never had to use it. The one time I was in a jam, conspicuously pulling out my cell phone caused the harassing punks to take off.
I'll Seconed the pepper sprayabicirider
Jan 5, 2003 3:11 PM
I also always carry pepper spray after being bitten by a dog last summer and a few other dogs on the loose. but I have never had to use. For people I try my best just to ignore them at all cost that I think is one of the best defenses there is I also try to tell myself it takes 2 or more people for a confrontation. Sometimes it is really hard to refrain yourself but in the long run for me anyways it is the best solution.
Be safe out there.

Ray Still
Mooresville, NC
requires Firearms License in some states...kenyee
Jan 5, 2003 5:11 PM
that don't think you should defend yourselves like MA. Just be aware of it in case you choose this option. Of course, a "shod foot" is also considered a deadly weapon here -:
requires Firearms License in some states...53T
Jan 6, 2003 10:38 AM
You'r not allowed to whine about restrictive weapons laws unless you get off your lazy ass and fill out the form and get a Licence to Carry. They're not that expensive.

Simply requiring you to get a license is enough of a burden that 90% of people won't ever legally carry a weapon. We are truly sheep.
Most people don't consider pepper spray a "weapon"kenyee
Jan 6, 2003 1:20 PM
It was an FYI post. I still remember college campuses suggesting students carry made w/o mentioning the licensing/fingerprinting/photographing requirements.

The post below about baton = weapon is also right. In states that don't belive in self-defense, you're most likely going to have to defend your actions against a politically ambition D.A. and you're hosed w/ legal fees. Sad to say the best defense is to not get involved in an just lets the aggressive animals get more aggressive w/o any punishment ...
Most people don't consider pepper spray a "weapon"53T
Jan 6, 2003 5:29 PM
While your post was indeed informative, it was also critical of MA public safety laws. Many leaders in MA believe that YOU should not defend yourself. The law as currently written says that anyone who doesn't fill out the form and pay the fee should not defend themself. In fact the firearms laws here don't actually prevent you from defending yourself, they just prevent the unlicensed from having legal convienient means to do so.
Second that!!Alexx
Jan 6, 2003 7:33 AM
Pepper spray has power and reach. A stick doesn't. you can also hit multiple @$$holes quicker with spray, and you can hide it in your palm until the right time. If the spray isn't enough, use your bike as a battering ram. Between the 2, you have all the weapons you are likely to need.
re: Do any of you gus defend yourselves with something?desmo
Jan 5, 2003 4:08 PM
Headbutt to the nose with your helmet is a clean and painless (to you) move. I second the taking of the car keys before hauling butt out of there. Of course staying out of people's way and turning the other cheek is the first and best line of defense.
Does that void your Giro warrenty?SnowBlind
Jan 6, 2003 8:59 AM
Seriously, using the bike as a weapon is very effective. The time I got surrounded by homeless who wanted my bike, a quick jab of the rings onto the shin (right to the bone) made them think twice.

The greatest weapon you carry is that 3 pounds of jello between your ears. Situational awareness is the most important tool, keep alert if you are in the bad parts of town. My little incident was caused by me being lazy and taking the sidewalk (thus locking me in between the bridge abuttment and a guard rail) instead taking the street. No room to make a break for it, and I had to slow down for the gaps.
Hurling object with intent to harm ...bsdc
Jan 5, 2003 4:39 PM
... sounds like asault to me. I think I'll add pen and paper to write down the license plate number in my bag.
You mean while riding?Breakfast
Jan 5, 2003 8:16 PM
If so, the most convenient weapon you can wield is your bicycle. Holding it by the bar and saddle and fending off the attacker with the wheels is the best strategy. Beating the perp to a pulp with a Colnago is your call.

The difficulty for you will be your shoes/cleats and having a good platform from which to fight. You should choose your ground with this fact in mind and try to get to where you have either the high ground and/or a softer (read: lawn or non slick surface) from which to defend yourself.

I would hate to think any confrontation would come to this and I understand how pepper spray is a very good thing for bicyclists to carry in case one needs a non-lethal and legal weapon, the bike is something your hands are most likely holding anyway so it's immediate use cannot be dismissed.
shot on christmas eve?jimsawino
Jan 5, 2003 9:50 PM
so i was at my parents home for the holidays (near cleveland) riding my bike through the park when some white-trash dejenerate high school kids headed for a wonderful life of bongs and fast-food jobs shot me with a bb gun. at first i was alarmed, and about a half second later realized bb guns don't really hurt (they hit my hip). i almost got them at the red light; they're lucky i didn't. unfortunately i'm nearsighted and didn't have glasses on, so i couldn't get the plates and the police, naturally, were no help ("well sir, it's been 5 minutes since you saw them and by now they're out of town". but what if they didn't stay on the park road the whole time officer? "oh, well, maybe they could have done that...") i was obviously not dealing with a detective. my last saving grace is that they go to school with my brother and they'll brag. and in light of the situation, it was an easy way for me to change the subject of conversation with the family ("well, yes, i did break up with her,, speaking of school, did you know i got shot riding my bike? no, i'm ok, but what?...more food is being brought out? i'll be right back, hold that thought...)
shot on christmas eve?gala7516
Jan 6, 2003 2:42 AM
Where in Cleveland? Valley Parkway? Seems like some people like to use the parkway as a highway and get upset when you slow them down. The multipurpose trails are even more dangerous with the stollers, pets, and roller bladers.
Jan 6, 2003 6:57 AM
Just ride away is your best option. Also try to write or remember the plate & and make and color of car. If you are really worried about it, a can of halt is not a bad idea. It is great for dogs but can work on thugs too. It may buy you enough time to get away. You need to know how to use a baton or other weapons.

Best offense is a good defense. Try to know the places you are riding and avoid places that are somewhat iffy if you can.

Mike Y.
don't forget cellphone w/emergency #s pre-programmed nmJS Haiku Shop
Jan 6, 2003 8:17 AM
Baton = felony in some areasMike-Wisc
Jan 6, 2003 8:41 AM
Check your local laws before deciding on your options. Sadly laws mainly affect the law abiding and definitely gives the initial advantage to the criminals. As an alternative consider a frame-mounted pump, modify as needed but keep it functional. That's all I'm saying on that subject. ;)

Also, pepper spray for dogs is an alternative, or for bear if you can justify the higher strength stuff or have cougar in your region. Seriously. Get creative, but stay fairly legal. The street thugs are bad, but the ones you'll encounter behind bars make the ones on the street seem like preschoolers.
How about a metal frame pump -nmbenja15
Jan 6, 2003 2:53 PM
re: Do any of you gus defend yourselves with something?JFST
Jan 6, 2003 6:14 PM
For the most part the best thing to do is just not do anything. I've had bottles thrown at me, people try to stick their arm out and push me over, insults screamed all the time, and so one. Everytime I go out I'm mentally prepared for it and if I was to worry about every time someone tried to mess with me I'd just have to stop riding. I sometimes do carry pepper spray when I ride some areas in which dogs can be a problem or if its a not so friendly part of town. I have considered a baton as well. It might be trouble later but when it comes down to it, it could be my last resort and my safety comes first. I'll deal with the rest later. For the most part though most of the people I have trouble with are just imbecils who will turn into a pile of poop once you actually confront them. A squirt of warm Gatorade in their face (if their window is down) once you catch up to them in the next red light is usually satisfaction enough, just make sure you can make a clean getaway ;)