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CLUB, Team starting what works and what doesn't Need advice?(7 posts)

CLUB, Team starting what works and what doesn't Need advice?bike4tennis
Jan 5, 2003 8:37 AM
Im tring to start a chairty biking team and club for new members. Besides setting up events for cycling. I also dont fully understand how my team/club can be reconize for the donations. any help would be great.
Your post isn't clear.Scot_Gore
Jan 5, 2003 9:24 AM
Do you mean your trying to start a biking team to raise money for a charity(s)
your trying to start a riding team that is a charity in and of itself.
your trying to start a local club of regional cyclists as a means of orgainizing rides and fellowship.

Please provide more info, all of these are different animals and each require a different kind of care and feeding.

Your post isn't clear.bike4tennis
Jan 5, 2003 4:28 PM
thank u for your info all three are great examples. and yes yes and yes. but i all need to find out how to legally start up a club/team for charity events??
Tax statusKerry
Jan 5, 2003 5:22 PM
In the US, you have to file a form to declare your organization as a "non profit" so you don't have to worry about taxes and don't have to pay sales taxes. That's about the only legal thing you need to do unless you want to form a big charity that pays salaries, etc. Most bike clubs are non-profits as are things like Little League, hockey clubs, soccer clubs, etc. Contact one of them for the details of how things work in your area.
Jan 5, 2003 6:24 PM
As Kerry said, to set up a non-profit organization you file papers with your State (I'm assuming you're in the USA) and set yourself up a non-profit group. I think the status is called 503(c), but the specifics are alluding me now. Contact your state attorney general or your state's Sec. of State office, either one may handle this in you area.

The paper works the easy part. The thing that makes a non-profit charity organization successful are the people excited about the cause and are willing to give of themselves to make it work. IMHO if you try to be all 3 of the kinds of organizations I used as examples you'll have a difficult time generating enough passion in your volunteers to meet in of your goals. Notice, on all 3 web pages, the first thing they do is define their VISION for the group.

For example, combine group 2 & 3. You'd have some people in your group wanting to create opportunities for disadvantaged youths and others looking for avenues to find ride partners. In the case of scarce resources (and they will be) which group are you going to disinfranchise.

Define a clear vision, and recruit others who share it. Your vision should be focused if you want to be able to communicate it well and generate excitement in others.

My 2 cents

nonprofit statusbluebianchi
Jan 5, 2003 6:50 PM
State and federal are two different things. Do state forms first- they're simple and you'll need them for the federal 501c3 form. States probably differ, but it'll probably be a one pager stating that you're forming a nonprofit corporation, and some contact info, and they'll approve it. They'll probably require an annual financial report. Most states will have this online- sec. of state/treasurer, etc.

The federal 501c3 form is much trickier. You can do it yourself, but you'll need to do some careful reading. Approval also takes much longer, up to a year. In many areas there are organizations that help people form nonprofits if you're having trouble. Also there's help at the IRS site ( I think).

If you only do the third choice- just a bike club w/membership and newsletter, but no major fundraising- you may not need nonprofit status. The amounts will be too small for the state or IRS to be concerned with. This might be an easier route if you just want to raise money for MS or diabetes- technically you will be doing it for those organizations, not as a bike club.
thank you for your post so far. here is more on the subjectbike4tennis
Jan 5, 2003 7:25 PM
When i get together with my brothers about non profit org i guess, but i dont really want to be to organized I really dont want to deal with cash to much but i would like tobe able too give to as many causes that we can raise money for and ride in. am i over looking anything
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