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Todays ride...(2 posts)

Todays ride...sctri
Jan 4, 2003 7:16 PM
I have never loved procrastination more.
I set my alarm clock to wake me up and force myself to get back onto the trainer.
This is all fine, except I hate the trainer and love my warm bed, long story short, I kept sleeping and put off the deaded hampster workout.
Luckily, The skies cleared, and I got to take the bike out of the basement...

I gotta say, I am not really one for ride reports especially inane ones, but I was wondering if people out there in our cyber-community share this experiance with me at all

Anyways, heres the deal:
After taking a few weeks off at the end of the University XC season, and comming off my last season of triathon that didnt go quite as I had planned, I have been hesitant to get out there and ride seriosally again... (I say seriouse as to mean reguarily and not just for 45min jaunts up into the hills on a whim).

So this year was going to be differnt, I learned from last year decided the importaince of building a proper base pre-season is more than just the constant nagging of more experiance cyclists, its really true, so thats January and the first half of Feb.

So today it began, I had ment to start sooner this month (but hey, things happen, i had a tatoo healing, and I dont mind not falling into a situation that looks too much like a new years resolution.. lol)

I dont know what it was though, EVERYTHING CLICKED...
I got a nice two hour ride in with nothing to disturb me but the flapping of my sleves in the wind. Which coupled with a few "heys", a "hello" and the "THunK" of a shift reverberating through the frame formed my soundtrack for a crazy ride.

What was it?
-tires at the perfect PSI?
-Perfect nutrition by chance?
-dressed just right?

I dont know, but I think from time to time, it is good to be reminded by riding, just how much I love riding

Sorry for that rant, i dunno, felt like babbing it out there... Cheers, and have a good next ride.
re: Todays ride...tmotz
Jan 4, 2003 9:15 PM
It's almost like a special chemical was released in your brain.You can't pinpoint it but its good.